MCW 23

Chapter 23    [Even with own brother one must keep accounts clear]


Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet

“Say it.”

Wang Yue sits down satisfied. She crosses her legs, looking completely graceful.

By the side, the fatty starts salivating when he sees this. While Qin Chuan also cannot remain still. This Wang Yue is really a beauty especially with her unique president aura which attracted the gaze of people.

“Right, I will be honest and resist strictly!”

By the side Qian Jiao also nods her head, Qin Chuan had causes her head to become big. She had work in the company for quite some time and had seen all kind of people, but had never seen someone like Qin Chuan! Say that he is a bad person, during the most important moment he will help you. Say that he is a saint, he will not be polite in taking liberties towards you.

Especially those outstanding skills. He beat those Azura Dragon Union thugs soundly and when he tosses the fountain pen out, those scene appears clearly in Qian Jiao’s mind. Really is unable to imagine what on earth did he do in the past.

This Qin Chuan is completely covered with mystery ah!

“My big brother had left the house when I was very young, that’s why you don’t know.”

Qin Chuan lazily lies there. The injury on his back had more or less recovered already. He speaks one minute the be quite the next and says, “He is different from me. I did not like to learn medical knowledge, but he is a genius in medical science.”

“I only understood the art of healing slightly that’s all.”

Qin Hai is very modest as he sits there and continues lowering his head to read the novel. But his ears are listening to the conversation over here.

“But he is indeed my elder brother, completely authentic.”

Qin Chuan reiterates once more, “Only can say so much. There is nothing else.”

“Just this much?”

Wang Yue raises her eyebrow, “You still had not told me about what did you do in the past!”

“What else can I do ah, my President Wang, I am only a small thug in the gangs ah.”

Qin Chuan says bitterly, “Aiyah, I was in until I almost unable to eat anything then finally woke up and no longer decided to continue on anymore!”


Wang Yue snorts as she does not believe the nonsense that Qin Chuan is saying.

“Really am not boasting to you ah President Wang, but in the past when I was in the underground society, I am the top golden thug! We don’t have what Azura Dragon Union, but there was that Big Tail Wolf Gang. I was wielding a chopper and chases after their gang leader down 7 streets! That fellow, Big Tail Wolf Gang leader really know how to run, he runs until his shoes also fly off!”

“You just continue talking nonsense!”

By the side, Qian Jiao is able to see that Wang Yue is impatient. She immediately says, “Who would believe you! Hmph, president asked you and you’re not saying, you this fellow is really are not on the right track ah!”

“I am really am on the right track ah! I have explained everything already ah!”

Qin Chuan is like a dead pig that does not fear scalding water as he continuously blurts out, “president, could it be that you want me to dig out my heart to show you! President!”

“Okay, if you do not want to say, I am also not inclined to ask.”

Wang Yue is slightly vexed as she waves her hand, “Since there’s nothing already, return back to the company to continue working.”

“Oi, president, I am still injured ah…”

Qin Chuan ** but Wang Yue ignores him.

“President don’t go ah!” Qin Chuan hurriedly shouts, “There is also a very important matter ah!”

Wang Yue turns around and looks at Qin Chuan who immediately says, “You need to at the very least help me pay the medical fees ah!”

“You owe your big brother, you go pay for yourself.”

Wang Yue impolitely left this sentence before leaving without looking back.

“You ah you…”

Qian Jiao looks at Qin Chuan, not knowing what to say about him. “Today you should stay here and properly heal up. There’s no need to go back to work. President Wang only has a hard mouth but has a soft heart. She will not deduct your wages.”

Finished speaking she immediately hurries after Wang Yue.

Even the neighbor fatty also foolishly looks at their back view, unable to withdraw his gaze.

By the side, Qin Hai flips his books and says, “Your fiance does not seem like she has tossed you aside.”

“That is true, she rather has character, I like.”

Qin Chuan laughs which moving his back injury. He is unable to take the pain and clenches his teeth,

“Your injury is a bit infected.”

Qin Hai says, “It’s also because your body is unique. If it was an ordinary person, he would have died already. You’ve obviously been shot for quite some time but you bore with it and did not say anything. It caused a few of those infected blood to be unable to flow out in time.”

“What the, then would I die?”

Qin Chuan half-jokingly says, “I still haven’t married yet so I do not wish to die.”

Finished speaking he pulls out a cigarette from the western suit’s pocket by the side and places it on his mouth.

The book in Qin Hai’s hand suddenly appears in front of Qin Chuan’s face and the book closes, clamping the cigarette and tossed it to the side.

Qin Hai continues to read and indifferently says, “This place is a clinic, no smoking.”

Qin Chuan sighs helplessly, “Damn it, almost going to stifle me to death!”

“You will also not die. Like I had said, there will not be anyone who dies here.”

Qin Hai continues to speak without raising his head, “When I had taken out the bullets, the tweezers had already been smeared with medicine. It will help you decrease the inflammation. You still have not said why did you want to keep bearing with it.”

“Saying is also nothing much.”

Qin Chuan lies on the bed as he looks at his torn Armani, “The one who plots against me is a hitman from Azura Dragon Union. I had only help that lass take the bullet that’s all.”

“Azura Dragon Union? Fang Qingshan?”

Qin Hai understands City H quite well, “Looks like back then Fang Qingshan should be beside Wang Yue then.”

“That’s right. If I do not bear it, Fang Qingshan will definitely use even ruthless methods to take revenge! I can only pretend to be fine to scare him off.”

“Paper tiger.”

Qin Hai shakes his head, “If he had brought a doctor with him, perhaps he will be able to see through you immediately.”

“Alas, why care so much for. In the end, didn’t I still scare him away!”

Qin Chuan laughs, “Damn it, really did not expect that being a small security guard also need to rise my life! Don’t even know if this bit of money is enough for me to buy medicine! Brother, are we brothers?”

Qin Hai says indifferently, “Even if I do not wish to admit to it, but the DNA says that we are.”

Qin Chuan says with a thick face, “Since that is the case then let’s forget about the medical fee.”

“Even with own brother, one must keep accounts clear.”

Qin Hai does not fall for Qin Chuan’s plea as he says bluntly, “Don’t give money then do not think of leaving this room.”

Qin Chuan gives a bitter look, “Brother….your younger brother just started working and still have not gotten paid ah!”

“You give me that bald eagle of yours and then there is no need to pay.”

“What the, that’s not possible!”

Qin Chuan shakes his head rapidly, “That is my **! Even if you sell me you cannot sell him!”

“Just a bald eagle and you almost treat him like a son to raise.”

Qin Hai smiles, “But that bald eagle of yours is rather intelligent which is really rare.”

“Oi, oi, brother you first let me put it on my account! Later when I have money, I will definitely return it to you! Am I a person who is short of money!”

“You originally do not lack money.” Qin Hai says indifferently, “But it is just that you gave up that chance.”

“Aren’t you also the same?”

Qin Chuan mutters, “Us two brothers were from the same father, everything is similar even the temper is also the same!”

“I’m different from you.”

Qin Hai flips a page and says slowly, “My mouth is not poor.”

What the! Isn’t this looking down on your own little brother!

Qin Chuan starts to act shamelessly, “You this way is really wrong! Am I still your younger brother! I am not giving the medical fee! If you do not let me leave then I don’t leave, you better feed me!”

“I Already know that you will be like this.”

A smile appears on Qin Hai’s face. She is not angry, instead, he picks up his iPhone 5 from the side and places it by his ear.

“Bro, what you want to do?”

“To give my good little sister a phone call. I believe that she will happy to bring you back.”

“Bro you cannot be like this ah! You are tossing your little brother into the fire pit ah!”

Qin Chuan scowls miserably as his earlier hoodlum aura completely disappears.

“Why would it be?”

Qin Hai clucks, “Jiao Jiao has liked you since young. I remember that back then she says that she does not want to be the older sister, she wants to be your wife.”

“Oi, oi, oi. You actually believe the words that a 6 years old kid says?!”

Qin Chuan lets out a weird cry, “Back then did I also say that I am not going to marry Wang Yue! Right now didn’t this happen! When we were young we were just joking around only!”

“Kids do not lie.”

Qin Hai seems to be smirking making Qin Chuan gloomy.

“Forget it. I can only be even more bullied over here, affecting my recovery!”

Qin Chuan resentfully climbs off the bed and picks up his torn Armani and pats off the dust on it. “Such an expensive thing can still be worn after sewing it back up!”


Qin Hai really got defeated by this younger brother of his. He lets out a bitter laugh as he picks up a bottle from the side and tosses to Qin Chuan.

“This bottle is anti-inflammatory medication which I made myself. Twice a day 30 minutes after meal.”

“How…how much…”

Qin Chuan’s voice is slightly trembling, making Qin Hai almost laugh in anger.

“Forget it! No need for money.”

“Bro, at this moment I realized that you are very handsome!”

Qin Chuan smiles brightly as he places the medicine into his pocket before walking out.

Qin Hai shakes his head and continues to read his book.

After Qin Chuan walks out of the door, he suddenly remembers that he did not ride his electric motor over and his complexion turns bitter again.

Just nice a taxi is driving over. Qin Chuan says in his heart, why don’t I spend a bit today and take a taxi! I am a person with a job now, I can be extravagant once in a while! After all this time round one can be claimed what!

Thinking to here, Qin Chuan flags down the taxi which stops in front of him.

Qin Chuan squats by the car door and inquires, “Brother, how much to go to Big View Road?”

The taxi driver ponders a bit before saying, “Not far just 20 dollars.”

“What the, so expensive.”

Qin Chuan’s mouth twitches, 20 dollar is enough for me to invite girls to eat how many bowls of Malatang ah!

“You go then! I run along behind the car. I can also train my body as well!”

“What the, poor fuck!”

The taxi driver gives Qin Chuan a middle finger, “If you are able to catch up with me, consider you quick!”

Speaking finish he stomps on the accelerator and speeds away.

“You still do not believe! My nickname is Human Horse!”

Speaking finish, Qin Chuan ties the suit around his waist before chasing after the taxi.

In the past, while he was employed by the army, Qin Chuan training is to carry an artillery shell and repeatedly does 15km cross-country training.

Chasing after a taxi is just a relaxing matter! but Qin Chuan had forgotten a matter. His injury had not completely recovered. After running less than a hundred meters, he is already panting badly.

“Fucking hell…con-consider as you can run fast……”

Qin Chuan braces his hands on his knees as he looks at the far away taxi while he pants.

At this moment a familiar figure riding on an electric bike stops by Qin Chuan’s side.

“Ah, Qin Chuan? Why are you like this?”

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Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 23   [Even with own brother one must keep accounts clear]

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