MCW 22

Chapter 22    [Big brother]


Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet

The black Mercedes-Benz drives like lightning. When it meets a red light it wasn’t polite. It was even more tyrannic than an ambulance and directly rushed through it.

A new traffic police officer was on duty at the curb. Seeing the car he was stunned

“What the heck that’s too lawless already right!”

The traffic police officer takes out his walkie-talkie and was about to report to the top when the old traffic police officer by the side pressed down his hand.

“Act as if you had not seen it.”

“Why ah?”

The young traffic police officer was still filled with hot blood and enthusiasm. hearing this he was immediately unhappy, “Why are we ignoring this driving through a red light?”

“Little fellow, you’re still too young ah!”

The old traffic police officer laughs, “I had been a traffic police officer for more than 20 years. I’m able to recite from my memory more than a thousand car plate numbers. What car plate can be provoked, which car plate cannot, I’m able to see with a single glance. That one earlier belonged to the ones that cannot be provoked.”

“Who is that ah, so awesome?”

“The Imperial’s president.”


Qian Jiao and the other two people did not know that they had just escaped from a calamity. The pretty female secretary sees Qin Chuan’s complexion becoming uglier and uglier by the minute. He’s dripping more and more blood, thus she kept her foot on the accelerator and ignored everything as she drove towards the little clinic written on the namecard.

“Aiyah…bleeding so much…just how much pig blood must I drink to replenish them back ah…”

Qin Chuan was already strengthless to speak. He leans against the seat as stars started to appears in front of him. His vision was becoming darker and darker.

Qian Jiao continues to drive depressed while Wang Yue scowl from anger. What time is it now and you are still joking around.

“Does drinking pig blood supplement this? After getting injured don’t speak nonsense! Later I’ll let Qian Jiao buy supplements for you.”

“Pre…president Wang….”

Qin Chuan trembles as he calls out for Wang Yue.


Is this Qin Chuan not going to make it and wants to start handing over his last will?

This scumbag…isn’t he really powerful, how can he die like this? Qin Chuan you must persevere on for me!

“President Wang…I…”

“Don’t speak nonsense.”

Wang Yue glares at Qin Chuan fiercely, “I do not allow you to die.”

Qin Chuan was suffering, at this moment still acting, what tyrannic president falling in love with me show ah.

“Not that….President Wang…I, I’m not handing over my last will…I just have a matter that I want to ask you ah…”


“President Wang…the…the supplements…will…will not be deducted from my wages right…”

Wang Yue nearly died from anger!

Already at this time and you’re still concern about money! This fellow is really damn unpromising!

“Deduct! Completely deduct everything for you!”

“Then…then better stop the car then…let me silently die by the roadside is alright…”

“Is there only money left in your brain?!”

Wang Yue cannot help but ask, “Is money more important than life?!”

“Money…is not as important as life…”

Qin Chuan finally said something that satisfied Wang Yue, but the following sentence nearly angers her to death.

“But… without money…living is no better than dying…”

“Then you can go and die!”

Wang Yue says angrily, “Qian Jiao, stop the car and kick him off!”

Qian Jiao, of course, knows that President Wang was only speaking in anger. Not only did she not stop her car, instead she drives even faster.

Luckily the gathering place is not that far away from the clinic that Qin Chuan was speaking about. In less than 10 minutes, the car stops in front of the clinic. While Qin Chuan had already done a few emergency hemostatic process for himself, otherwise he would have bled out to death in the car already.

What the ancient saying was right, ‘2L of blood, bleeding to death, is equivalent to dying from excessive ejaculations.’

Although Qin Chuan has countless of illusions of dying from excessive ejaculations but it’s definitely not the current kind!

“Can, can this place work?”

Seeing the small clinic that is ‘secluded’ in the first floor of a residential building, Qian Jiao really does not know what to say.

This clinic had been converted from the first floor of a normal residential building. It opened a door at the porch and on it was a pasted paper which on it is written clinic.

“Perhaps it’s a black clinic…maybe it doesn’t even have the license to operate medicine!”

Qian Jiao mutters, “How can this place work, let’s go to a hospital instead!”

“I cannot support myself anymore ah big sister…”

Qin Chuan makes a bitter face, “Halfway there you can just send me to the morgue. Remember to send me my compensation payment…”

“Forget it, just this place. Life or death is up to his own luck!”

Wang Yue was slightly unhappy as she directly walks in. She steps on her high heels and pushed open the clinic door and walked in.

Qian Jiao supports Qin Chuan and followed behind.

This clinic was indeed not that big. Outside there’s a few small dusky drawing rooms. Inside was a bedroom which had 2 beds arranged inside them.

On the sick** by the side, a fatty is lying there with an intravenous drip. Seeing the two beauties walking in, his eyes instantly widen!

While a guy a wearing white gown was sitting on a wooden chair looking at the thick book in his hand.

It seems like he did not notice anyone coming in. He remains sitting there like he is a bit infatuated.

looking from the side, he looks sharp and was rather handsome.

Seeing that the doctor did not react for a while, Qiao Jian immediately shouts, “Doctor.”

The doctor seems to had read to an important place thus he says casually, “Please wait a minute. Let me finish reading first before calling.”

Wang Yue frowns while Qian Jiao immediately shouts anxiously, “Doctor, if you do not come over, then he might really die!”

“At my place, there had never been a person who died.”

The doctor’s tone contained a trace of unconcealed self-confidence. At this moment Qin Chuan lets out a bitter laugh, “If you do not come and save me, then you shall have your first person who died.”

When the doctor heard this voice, he immediately closed his book. Originally thought that he was reading an urban book but in the end when the book is closed, they realized that it was an urban novel making Qian Jiao and Wang Yue roll their eyes at the same time.

But when the doctor turned around, both of the girls exclaimed in admiration for a while. What an attractive and charming guy.

But seeing his appearance…why is it a bit familiar?

“Carry him over.”

The doctor stands up and points at the empty bed by the side.

At this moment the fatty suddenly shouts, “Doctor my IV drip had just finished.”

The doctor did not even turn around and says, “Pull out the needle yourself and leave.”

“That…doctor, can I have more IV drip?”

The fatty swallows his saliva as he looks at the two women. It’s really rare to see this kind of beauties even on tv ah!

The doctor picks up a bottle of salt water before opening his hand towards the fatty. “50.”

“Ah? Wasn’t it 10 dollars earlier?”

The doctor says indifferently, “The prices have increased.” Making Qian Jiao who was by the side roll her eyes, what the heck? what kind of person is this!

“Okay, okay. 50 then 50!”

Beautiful women effects were very destructive. The fatty obediently fishes out the money. After which he giggles as he waits to be shot with the salt water that isn’t worth a few dollars while secretly looking at the two beauties in the clinic.

“Bear with it.”

The doctor directly tears away the suit on Qin Chuan’s back, making Qin Chuan cry out in heart pain.

“AHHHH! My Armani ah! What are you doing! Can’t I just take it off ah!”

“The injury and the clothing have adhered together, so I can only tear it.”

The doctor ignores Qin Chuan’s roar of anger and stuffs a piece of cloth into his mouth, “Bear with it.”

When Qin Chuan’s clothing is torn off, Qian Jiao and Wang Yue’s eyes instantly widen. His back is completely covered in scars, there’s not a piece of area that is not wounded! Just what did he do before, why did he have so many injuries? This guy, which hell did he climb out from?

The doctor is not that shocked like he was already used to seeing such things. He picks up a tweezer and pliers that were sterilized from the side and slips open Qin Chuan’s bullet wound. Blood instantly starts flowing out like it was not worth anything, scaring Qian Jiao making her turn pale as she looks away.

Even Wang Yue also secretly diverted her line of sight while Qin Chuan bits the cloth and did not make any sound.

Without even giving him with anesthetic the doctor directly use the tweezers to clip out the bullet head that was embedded into Qin Chuan’s flesh.

The doctor wipes away the blood on his hands and says, “.45 ACP. It is an American  M1911 pistol. Your life’s quite strong.”

“What the, I used my muscles to block that bullet! Otherwise, the bullet would have penetrated me!”

As a mercenary instructor, he had received strengthening training for every single part of his body which was all under his control.

When the bullet entered his back it was clenched tightly by his muscles which is why it did not create too big of an injury.

On the tv were they frequently shoot a few people who were actually fine after being shot by bullets, which were all nonsense. A human body is very weak while the might of a bullet is not small. When it hit a person’s body, breaking arm, legs, exploding heads were all very common!

Seeing the doctor giving Qin Chuan the cold-shoulder Qian Jiao cannot help but ask, “Doctor…is there not a need to stitch up?”

The doctor says casually, “He doesn’t need it.”

How’s that possible! That bullet wound is very big ah!

Qian Jiao subconsciously looks at Qin Chuan’s wound and to her surprise that bullet wound on his back was actually slowly healing up at a slow speed that can be seen with naked eyes!

She immediately rubs her eyes only to realize that the injury is only left with a few blood smears!

Gods is this fellow a lizard?!

The doctor thanked the two beauties, “Thank the two of you for taking care of my worthless younger brother.”

“Young, younger brother?”

Qian Jiao and Wang Yue were both shocked. Especially Wang Yue, how come I did not remember that Qin Chuan had an elder brother?

Furthermore, this guy is around 40 years old with a dense mature aura from him while Qin Chuan is only 20+ years old? How is it possible for him to be his elder brother?

“He indeed is my elder brother.”

Qin Chuan who was lying there lets out a bitter laugh, “He’s called Qin Hai. Brother, seeing that we are brothers can you at least give me an 80% discount this time round…”

“Sorry, I’m only a small business, we do not give discounts.”

Qin Hai was expressionless. Qian Jiao and Wang Yue glanced at each other, they finally know why Qin Chuan is so stingy already. So it’s actually inherited from his family!

“What the heck, don’t be like this ah! I’m your younger brother ah!”

“How about I send you to Jiao Jiao’s side. Her’s will definitely be free.”

Qin Chuan immediately shows a bitter expression, “Brother it’s not easy for you to earn money, how can I take advantage of you right. Leader I had tried to help you fight for it already! looks like you’re unable to save this money!”

“Explain just what is going on.”

Wang Yue sits down on the sofa by the side before looking curiously at Qin Chuan, “Just what is going on? And what did you do before in the past?”

“Leader, I’m a person with principles. There are some matters that I will not say even if you beat me to death!”

“Don’t say is also fine. You pay for the medical fee yourself.”

“I’ll tell the truth, I’ll explain!”

[TL: and there go the principles]

[Cry: Who needs principles if you don’t have money to live.]

[Cry: If you see any mistakes or sentences that doesn’t make sense please comment it in the chapter or ping us in discord. Editing CN’s to proper English is sometimes hard cause we want to keep the translation at point. Broken English #1. ]

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 22    [Big brother]

Now we learned that principles are worthless for the MC in face of money

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