MCW 21

Chapter 21    [Do not wish to go to the hospital]


Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet

At that instantly everyone present was stunned. No one had expected that an assassin would suddenly appear in a government bidding!

At this moment the unremarkable server’s expression turned cold as he raises the pistol with both hands and aims at Wang Yue.

Qin Chuan is able to see that this is definitely a professional hitman. Not just the murderous aura on his body as well as his posture for propping up his gun, both were very standard!

In the movies and tv shows, we always see that the ruthless handsome assassin pulls out their gun and uses one hand to kill off the target before confidently leaving. Those were all nonsense. Qin Chuan admits that there are indeed experts who have such good marksmanship but there are very few of them!

No matter what model the pistol was, there will always be a little recoil. Furthermore, the most important point for the hitman is to take life with one hit! Under the slight recoil, shooting single handed will bring about a slight deviation and might not result in a kill in a single shot!

Thus mature hitman’s will uses both hands to support the gun. Cool or not are all pointless. To a hitman, acting cool and the likes are nonsense, killing people is the way of the king! It’s not possible for there to always have a chance for a second shot!

This hitman is also the same. His muzzle aims towards Wang Yue and was about to fire.

At this critical moment, Qin Chuan snatched over the fountain pen that Qian Jiao was using to record and immediately threw it. The fountain pen drew a golden arc and instantly stabs into the back of the hitman’s hand!

The hitman’s hand trembles and the muzzle instantly moved to the side and the bullet shoots the top side of the rostrum, scattering the chinaware in front of a fat leader into pieces.

That leader instantly peed in his pants from fright and kneels down onto the ground.

“Don’t, don’t kill me, don’t kill me! In the future, I do not dare to find those shota’s anymore!”

[TL: what in the world….] [Cry: Ehm…Fuji it’s shota’s. Shotacon is the fetish itself]

How could anyone present notice what that guy was saying? All of them were looking at the hitman anxiously!

While the hitman did not manage to hit anyone. He immediately retreats to the side and continues to shoot.

The hitman shoots a few times in a roar while Qin Chuan had already run over. He uses his body to hug Wang Yue and dives to the side. He immediately knocks over the rostrum table and hid behind it.

The shoots all landed on the table while Qin Chuan hugs Wang Yue in his embrace. Even Wang Yue who had seen a lot of situations before, under this kind of situation, she was also slightly at a loss and doesn’t know what to do, trembling in Qin Chuan’s embrace.

This is also the first time Qin Chuan sees such a delicate Wang Yue. This was out of his expectations!

Wang Yue who is usually high and above like a lotus can only be observed from far away and cannot be disrespected. Beautiful is beautiful, this is the natural born resist halo that she carries, formlessly repelling people away from thousands of miles away! But at this moment, this temperament had become a lot dimmer, instead, it evoked a desire to protect from men!

He uses his own body to block between the table and Wang Yue, protecting her, not letting her get injured at all!

After shooting all of his bullets, the hitman turned around and escaped from the room. Naturally, there was no one who dared to chase after him, as the security measure in this hotel was not really perfect.

“He escaped!”

“Call the police, quickly call the police!”

“Aiyah, President Wang are you fine?”

At this moment Fang Qingshan hurriedly rush forward with concern in his face, “Did you get injured?”

Finished talking he became angry, “Did all of the security guards in this restaurant went and eat shit? To actually let a hitman mixed his way in! Damn it, in broad daylight, to actually be so daring! Old Six go and investigate just whose guts are so big! To actually dare to take action against the famous female entrepreneur of our city!”

“Yes, vice-president Fang!”

The bodyguard immediately nods his head as he acts along with his boss.

Wang Yue did not say anything. She only stands up with the support of the table, it seems like her legs had slightly gone soft. While Qian Jiao anxiously steps forward and checked Wang Yue. She touched around afraid that Wang Yue was injured.

“Relax I am fine.”

Wang Yue waves her hand as blood returns back to her face. After which she says to Fang Qingshan who was inquiring at her well-being, “Thank you, Vice-president Fang, I originally thought that with Vice-president Fang this kind of character present, I would be a bit safer.”

“The law and order in City H are becoming worse and worst!”

Fang Qingshan says angrily, “We must borrow this chance to report to the city leader. Bureau Chief Wang, we really need to properly maintain the law and order in the city ah! Otherwise, how can we be able to feel reassured to invest in this place?”

“Yes, yes, yes….”

Just now that bald bureau chief who had nearly peed in his pants scolds in his heart, what the heck, I’m just a bureau chief from the land department, how can I even manage the law and order ah! But these entrepreneurs were all key targets for assistance. City H’s economy still needs them to provide the impetus.

Thus even if the blad bureau chief is unhappy in his heart, he still needed to exercise restraint at this moment.

Qin Chuan feels that this Fang Qingshan is really ruthless indeed. One moment he finds a hitman then the next he pretends to be very angry. Indeed he belongs to the acting faction!

“Forget it. I’m also fine, let us continue.”

A few staff members walk over and lift up the table and tidied up the gathering area. While Wang Yue stands there as her complexion had completely return back to normal. She continues to speak.

The leaders in the city cannot help but give Wang Yue respect. This woman was too amazing already. After experiencing such a matter, she’s actually still so composed. While Qin Chuan sits on the chair. His complexion faintly starts to turn paler. His gaze towards Wang Yue contain a few traces of admiration.

Looks like being able to become Imperial’s president, she did not solely rely on her family background.

“Qin Chuan I see that your expression’s not too good. Did you feel something just now?”

Seeing Qin Chuan’s pale complexion, Qian Jiao cannot help but ask, “How about I send you to the hospital to do a checkup.”

“I’m fine.” Qin Chuan waves his hand and laughs, “Such an important time, let President Wang finish speaking first.”

“Are you really fine?”

“Of course, I, Qin Chuan is a living dragon and tiger! How would a minor hitman be able to do anything to me? Secretary Qian, being so concern about me, could it be that you are interested in me? I must say it first if you wish to chase after me, it is okay. Unspoken rules are not possible.”

Qian Jiao rolls her eyes in anger at that guy. She bluntly ignores Qin Chuan and concentrated on looking at Wang Yue’s explanations.

A few leaders nod their heads as they listen. From time to time they will clap their hand to show their appreciation.

“In brief, if this piece of land is given to us Imperial, to construct a super department store, I guarantee that the economic of City H will be able to advance ahead!”

When Wang Yue speaks to the end, self-confidence filled her eyes.

“Okay, we’ll consider properly.”

The leader nods his head before whispering to one another’s ear. Wang Yue returns in victory while Qin Chuan claps his hand.

“President Wang, impressive, I have a whole new level of respect for you.”

Qin Chuan gives her a thumbs up as he smiles widely.

“Thank you.”

Originally he thought that Wang Yue would make a sarcastic comment to ridicule him but unexpectedly she actually thanked him!

Qin Chuan becomes blank, is this still the thousand year ice mountain Wang Yue?

She actually knows how to thank me?

Qin Chuan stretches out his hand and slaps himself.

“Rather painful ah…. I’m really not dreaming ah!”


Wang Yue feels completely speechless about Qin Chuan. This fellow is too boastful already, every day so sloppy without any proper conduct!

After the leaders discussed finish, they say to Fang Qingshan, “Azure Dragon Conglomerate, can your representative come and introduce your proposal!”

“Forget it. Imperial’s plan is indeed much more outstanding than ours.”

Fang Qingshan shrugs his shoulders and says, “We are withdrawing from this bidding.”

Qin Chuan cannot hold back his smile, saying it so nice but in reality, you basically did not prepare a proposal right? Fang Qingshan definitely thought that he’s able to get rid of Wang Yue easily and did not expect that I would appear, spoiling his plans.

Roughly in his heart, he is gnashing his teeth in anger at me!

I originally still plan to be low-profile. But in the end, I unknowingly got drawn into Imperial’s crisis. Indeed what Qian Jiao says is right. The workplace is like a battlefield! Alas, but really did not expect that this Fang Qingshan would actually send a hitman. He’s really damn daring. Tsk, indeed after leaving the battlefield for too long already. This body is a bit not fit anymore. Seems to be slightly dizzy.

[Cry: Meaning his skills became rusty.]

In the end, Imperial won the bid, returning back the people’s expectations.

Qin Chuan follows the two beauties back to the car.

“This time round is really surrounded by perils.”

Qian Jiao feeling a bit bound for good fortunes after surviving a great disaster, “Buddha blessed us, later when I go back I must carefully burn incense and worship Buddha and thank Buddha!”

Finish talking, Qian Jiao looks at Qin Chuan. Originally she thought that Qin Chuan would retort at this moment like ‘oi, oi, oi you ought to thank me’ and the likes.

But unexpectedly Qin Chuan who was originally sitting there laughing suddenly collapse onto the steering wheel, sprawling there.

“Qin Chuan?”

Both Qian Jiao and Wang Yue got a huge shock!

They were shocked to realize that on Qin Chuan’s back there was a bullet wound. The blood had already turned dark red on the back of the western suit, penetrating through. Qin Chuan is feeling giddy as he laughs bitterly. Earlier he had been using his muscles to seal up the wound but now he is really unable to persevere on.

“Qin Chuan, Qin Chuan!”

Qian Jiao was so anxious that she was almost crying while Wang Yue by the side was much calmer, “Quickly call for an ambulance! Quick!”

“Don’t call for an ambulance.”

Qin Chuan who had sober up faintly, upon hearing what Wang Yue says, immediately says, “Send me…to this place…”


Qin Chuan bears with his pain and says, “In the pocket…of my chest….”

Sprawling down was too painful already, but right now he had lost a bit too much blood and it was rather strenuous to sit up.

Wang Yue orders, “Quickly search.”

Qian Jiao ignores the blood on Qin Chuan’s body and immediately stretches out her hand towards his chest pocket.

“Take the name card already…don’t take the opportunity….to take advantage of me…”

Qian Jiao was about to cry already. What time is it now and this fellow’s mouth is still shameless!

She pulls out a name card from Qin Chuan’s pocket. Wang Yue seized the card over and realized that it was a small clinic.

“Making trouble! How can you go to this kind of place for a gunshot wound!”

Wang Yue seems to be a bit angered. This Qin Chuan, at this moment he is still stingy about money?

“This is considered as an industrial injury, I will pay for the money for seeking treatment.”

“Aiyah…leader you really makes me very touched…”

Qin Chuan says, “I immediately feel like the injury no longer feels pain! But that’s not the case…since young, I am afraid of going to the hospital. You better send me there instead…this clinic’s reliable one. It’s opened by a godly doctor!”

“Godly doctor?”

Wang Yue’s mouth twitches and it seems like she does not believe in what Qin Chuan is saying.

“That’s right ah President Wang. Why would I still lie to you, you already say that you are paying for me…quickly send me there…if you do not send me then I might really die in the car…”

“Hmph, better that you are dead! Qian Jiao, you drive the car!”

“Ah? What, what if I run a red light?”

“Just run it as you wish!”

[Cry: If you see any mistakes or sentences that doesn’t make sense please comment it in the chapter or ping us in discord. Editing CN’s to proper English is sometimes hard cause we want to keep the translation at point. Broken English #1. ]

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 21    [Do not wish to go to the hospital]

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