MCW 20

Chapter 20    [Murderous aura]


Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet

Qin Chuan follows the two beauties Qian Jiao and Wang Yue out of the room. When they walked out, they attracted quite a number of people’s gaze.

After all, handsome guys and beautiful women will always be the center of attention wherever they go!

The conference hall was on the 5th floor while they were on the second floor of the hotel, thus when they walked out of their room, they walked towards the elevator.

Currently, the elevator doors were slowly closing. Qin Chuan knows that right now he’s just a small subordinate. Being a subordinate, he needs to have the awareness of a subordinate. He immediately walked forward and grabbed the sides of the elevator doors that was just about to close.

“Wait a minute, wait a minute!”

Sensing that there were obstacles, it automatically opened. Inside the elevator stood a middle-aged man in a white suit. His hair was center-parted and he was wearing golden frame spectacles. Behind him stands a bodyguard in a black suit while is more professional than the two that Li Hua had.

A beautiful and alluring female assistant is following by his side. The skirt that she was wearing was a bit short, revealing her pair of white legs. When she sees Qin Chuan walking in, her eyes instantly brighten up.

“Sorry, let’s squeeze a bit.”

Qin Chuan gives a friendly smile while the middle-aged man only purses his brows and pulls out a handkerchief from his pocket, covering his nose.

“Squeeze what, sit to the side!”

The bodyguard steps forward and uses his iron tower like body to obstruct the elevator doors. Qin Chuan glance at the elevator by the side. It had stopped on the 30th floor and who knows how long it will take to come down.

“Isn’t there a lot of room inside?”

Saying so, Qin Chuan raises his leg to squeeze in.

“Do you not understand human language? Asked you to leave then leave!”

The bodyguard was impolite as he stretches out his hand to push Qin Chuan in his chest, preparing to use his huge strength to push him into retreating.

But what shocked the bodyguard was that he was unable to push Qin Chuan at all despite his small figure!

“Brother, this elevator is not opened by your family.”

Qin Chuan laughs coldly.

That female assistant says sweetly into the ears of the white suit man, “Vice-President Fang, the meeting is important…”

The white suit man’s brows relax before ordering, “Old Six let him in.”

Although the bodyguard calls Old Six was not willing, but he listened to his boss’s order and immediately retreats to the side of the elevator.

“It’s not me, but three people.”

Qin Chuan turns around and makes a please gesture, “President, please.”

The two beauties carried a fragrance as they enter the elevator. When the white suit man sees Wang Yue, both of them were stumped simultaneously. After which the white suit man smiles, “President Wang, such a coincidence.”

Wang Yue’s voice carries a trace of ridicule, “That’s right. Vice-President Fang, enemies on a narrow road is roughly the saying about this right?”

“Ai, how can you say such things.”

The white suit man clucks and says ‘magnanimously’, “On official matters we are enemies, but privately all of us are good friends.”

“That’s right, just now I really was warmly welcomed by my good friend ah.”

Wang Yue seems to be saying it absentmindedly but every phrase stabs into his sore points, “Really thank you, Vice-President Fang for your care ah.”

“What care? President Wang what are you saying ah, I don’t understand a single thing you are saying. Alas, I’m old already ah, unable to follow what you youngsters are thinking about!”

“Vice-President Fang is old but vigorous, furthermore, you are very experienced. Really worthy of us younger generation to learn from.”

“Hahaha, hearing what you say, how am I that good.”

The white suit man clucks. Very quickly they reached the 5th floor. The elevator doors open and he immediately walks out, “Then President Wang let us meet at the conference room!”


Wang Yue also did not snatch to go out first as she watched the white suit man walks out. The moment the white suit man walks out, his smiling expression turns sinister.

“Inform Lone Wolf, let him take action.”

With his order, the bodyguard by the side immediately pulls out his handphone and start messaging.

Only after they walked far away did Wang Yue and Qian Jiao walked out of the Elevator. Qin Chuan was slightly puzzled as he mutters, “Who is this person ah, he appears to be rather impressive.”

“That was the ADC’s Vice-President…”

Qian Jiao lowers her voice and says into Qin Chuan’s ear, “Fang Qingshan….furthermore he’s also the dragon head of Azura Dragon Union….”

“Oh! His background is not small ah!”

Qin Chuan smiles, no wonder the moment President Wang is going at him tit for tat. So she had really met her arch-enemy!

“Qian Jiao, ADU knows my whereabouts like the back of their hand. I had just left the company and they are already trailing me.”

Wang Yue did not even look back as she orders, “You help me investigate who in the company was recently in contact with Fang Qingshan.”

“Ah, President Wang, you are worried about…”

Qian Jiao seems to understand something.

“It is hard to guard against a traitor in the family, investigate properly.”

“Understood President Wang.”

The three of them walked into the conference hall. Inside it was arranged like a press conference. On top of a platform sits a few government VIP, while below is a few rows of chairs. Fang Qingshan was sitting on one side. Wang Yue brings her subordinates to sit on the other side.

Such a big gathering area and there’s only this three group of people, not a single group more!

“Looks like…the rest of the companies’ representative is unable to show up.”

One of the person-in-charge awkwardly says, “Then let is begin. Can each company submit your proposal.”

The female assistant and Qian Jiao immediately step forward at the same time and place their proposal on the rostrum.

“Imperial, you guys introduce your proposal first.”

The person-in-charge nods his head towards Wang Yue. This old man’s gaze towards Wang Yue contains some infatuations. There’s nothing to be done after all Wang Yue’s a top grade beauty, she basically charms both old and young!

Wang Yue personally went into battle. She stood up and started explaining her proposal. Although she speaks rather brilliantly, a few government people-in-charge personnel listen with keen interest and keep nodding their heads, but Qin Chuan does not understand a single bit. There were too many professional terms thus this gathering was not suitable for him.

While Fang Qingshan was sitting there without any reaction at all. He was neither impetuous nor worried. Instead, he was concentrating on playing with the jadeite thumb ring that he was wearing on his thumb. Seeing that ring, Qin Chuan’s eyes brighten up, oh! Good thing ah! I had seen one in Country M before ah, on the finger of a Drug Lord. That drug lord’s place that produces this toy is nowhere as good as the current one that he is currently wearing.

Rich people are rich people ah, the things they play with are different ah!

Just as Qin Chuan was thinking if he should use his ability to get that ring, at that moment, the door to the conference room was pushed open as a server wearing a black suit and white shirt pushes a dining car in. On top of the dining cart is a few beverages, it looks like they are for receives the businessmen.

No one noticed this unremarkable server but Qin Chuan instantly noticed him as the muscles on his body tightens up.

Because he had sensed from this server’s body a surge of indistinct murderous aura!

At this moment, the server suddenly pulls out a pistol from under the covered plate and points the muzzle at Wang Yue!

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Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 20    [Murderous aura]

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