Chapter 2    [Ultimate killing weapon]


Jin Yang cannot believe if. Such a top grade beauty actually speaks to such a poor fellow and instead ignore the Mr Perfect me!

Damn it, where am I not better than that poor fellow!

In comparison, I am comparable to Pan Yue! Comparing family, my father is the department store operating manager! Comparing ability, I study abroad for 5 years and after finishing MBI I come back. Furthermore, I obtain a double Ph.D.!

[TL: Pan Yue a handsome and elegant writer from western Jin dynasty.]

Which point of mine is not stronger than this poor fellow?!

Jin Yang is not convinced. He rearranged his collar and takes out what he thinks is the most handsome side and step forward to say to the beauty, “Director Wang, how are you, I am…”

“You are also an interviewee right.”

Originally he thought that the beauty would chat with him a few sentences before admiring him, but unexpectedly she only frowns before glancing at him and says, “Go to the side and queue up. Later we will call for you.”

“Ah, I am Manager Jin’s….”

Before Jin Yang is able to speak finish, the top grade beauty’s gaze lands on Qin Chuan, “What are you standing here for! Still not hurrying up and go in with me!”

“Okay, okay, okay. I am going in now.”

Qin Chuan walks into the office room with the beauty. He did not forget to gift that Jin Yang a middle finger before closing the door.

Damn it! This stinky fellow! Sooner or later I am going to kill you! At the end, this beauty will definitely be mine!

While at this moment Qin Chuan is not really that happy. Although he got special care from the beauty, but….this is not a good matter for him.

Currently, the beauty is sitting in her office seat. She looks at the file in her hand, ignoring him.

Qin Chuan looks at her as he says in his heart, this girl is indeed very pretty, a 10 point beauty. There is really no flaw to pick about her! Both pretty and have a good figure, she is also director of this department store. She is really the most perfect goddess in every guy’s heart…

While this goddess is indeed slightly related to me…..the reason why she would come out to looks for me is that I am her….fiancee….

“Are you going to remaining standing for the interview?”

Wang Yue’s emotion isn’t really good today. She is the chairman as well as CEO of this department store. Recently the department store’s turnover is slightly declining causing her to feel pressure. In the end, the family foist this guy off to me and says that he is my fiancee! Hmph, when did I Wang Yue need the family to arrange a fiancee for me!

But Wang Yue knows her father’s overbearing temper. Going against him will only make her job even tougher.

Qin Chuan sits on the chair and says, “Really did not expect that when you grow up you actually become such so pretty.”

“Don’t mention the matters when we are young!”

Wang Yue did not even raise her head and says, “There is no meaning in mentioning the matters of the past. You better think of yourself. Growing up so big but achieved nothing. Your family is an influential family of doctor, is it that difficult to become a doctor, why do you want to come to my department store.”

“Haha…I don’t like to be a doctor what…”

Qin Chuan smiles, his family is a famous family of doctors. But since young, he was not interested in doctor this profession. Thus he runs of to Africa to be a mercenary. But he had never told anyone about this phase of black history. Thus in the eyes of outsiders, he is an poor old guy. But now Wang Yue is also too powerful already. It is still the young her who was cuter.

“Let’s treat it as you bump into a stroke of huge luck, otherwise my department store would not want an idling person. Fine as well, seeing that our family is related, I can give you a job here.”

Wang Yue looks at Qin Chuan’s resume and starts frowning while sighing in her heart.

With this kind of educational background, where can he find a job now? Even in my Grand Department Store the aunty who is sweeping the floor is also a graduate from a professional training college!

Alas, how come I have such a fiancee.

“Aiyah, you can let me do anything, I am a rough guy who can do anything.”

Qin Chuan smiles, “Even if it is department manager and the likes I can do it as well.”

“Why don’t I just pass my position to you?”

Wang Yue is smiling from anger, how can this fellow’s face be so thick!

“Can ah! I don’t mind it!”

Qin Chuan pats his chest and says earnestly, “Although being a chairman would be slightly tiring, but I am a guy what, I do need to prove myself and don’t be afraid of challenges right!”

“Okay ah, since you are so confident, then let me arrange you to a position that tests your capability the most.”

Wang Yue smiles. This smile causes Qin Chuan to be in a daze. This lass… really has destructive powers when she smiles…

“Err…what department?”

Qin Chuan ask, “Are you going to arrange me into the board of director so early? I am slightly nervous ah.”

“This position is very important to the safety of my department store. It is even more important than the board of directors.”

Wang Yue taps the table with her finger.

“Will you be able to be up to the task?”

“Guarantee that I complete the task!”

Qin Chuan stands up and subconsciously make a military salute, “I definitely will not let down leader’s expectations!”


Wang Yue picks up the phone and calls a number, “Qian Jiao come over.”

Qin Chuan is slightly excited, looks like entering the workforce is not bad eh. Very quickly I am going to walk up to the summit of life! At that time marrying a Mrs Perfect is not a dream!

While waiting for this Qian Jiao, Wang Yue suddenly warns Qin Chuan.

“Right Mr Qin I must say something first! In the department store, office, in front of others, you better do not mention that I am your fiancee.”

“Ah? Why?”

Qin Chuan crosses his leg as he pulls out a cigarette from his pocket and prepares to smoke.

“No smoking in the office premises!”

Wang Yue glares at Qin Chuan fiercely, thus Qin Chuan can only keep away the cigarette.

“Originally our families are well matched in terms of family status. But currently, you are already kicked out from Long Family. Our identities now are largely different, putting it uglily, you are not worthy for me to associate with. Furthermore, the husband of me Wang Yue will definitely be a giant among men. It is a pity that I had not met such a person yet.”

Qin Chuan did not feel ashamed. Instead, he smiles and asks, “What is the matter. Could it be that you wish to be single forever?”

“That is not related to you.”

Wang Yue keeps looking at a document on the table like she is really paying attention, “Do your job properly and don’t waste your time. The department store does not need idlers.”

“Oi, oi, oi…we are both childhood sweetheart how can you not give a bit of face?”

“Face is earned by yourself one.”

Wang Yue says, “I am still busy, don’t bother me. If you are going to be noisy then get out.”

What the, looks like I am not welcome by her ah!

Qin Chuan shrugs his shoulder. At this moment the office door is pushed open

A beauty wearing grey western attire walks in causing Qin Chuan to be in a daze.

What the, there are really too many beauties in this department store! Although this beauty’s appearance is inferior to Wang Yue, but her figure completely overwhelms the small fiancee of mine ah!

She is definitely an E cup ah….38E! Rarely seen ah! Ultimate killing weapon ah!

That ultimate weapon is wearing a tag that says secretary.

Qin Chuan thinks maliciously, oh my gosh, Wang Yue actually find me such a sexy female secretary, could it be that she is lesbian?

“Qian Jiao you have come.”

“Director Wang, this is the person that you want to arrange?”

Qian Jiao glances at Qin Chuan. Qin Chuan actually see a trace of fawning in her eyes! This lass is definitely a natural beauty!

“Mmm, arrange him to the security guard department.”


Qin Chuan instantly shoots to his feet, “Security guard?”


Chapter 2    [Ultimate killer weapon]

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