MCW 19

Chapter 19    [Put on airs]


Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet

Like the saying goes, the most cunning wolf is unable to fight against a good hunter!

Qin Chuan feels like he had worked for nothing and got toyed with by Wang Yue!

This fiance of mine that was able to become the president…is not that simple ah…especially the look of disdain in her expression, could it be that it was intentional?

Qin Chuan who is unable to hide such matters is really curious. As he drives the car he thinks about this question.

“Oh, I am really looking down on you.”

He can only continue to drive the car because no one came to mess with them again. Very quickly he arrives at the bidding location. It’s a very large business hotel. It was located on the third floor where the general meeting hall was.

Qian Jiao prepared all of the necessary documents before ordering Qin Chuan, “You just wait here.”

Unexpectedly Wang Yue says indifferent, “Let him come up as well.”

This caused Qian Jiao to be stunned, when has the President looked after a small security guard so much? Those upstairs were all big shots ah, letting a small security guard up, wouldn’t it throw away the face of our Imperial?

“Aiyah, if I had known I would have brought my western suit over!”

Qin Chuan looks at his dark blue security guard uniform, “After all that suit of mine was also a Baleno! Branded one!”

“Qian Jiao let the hotel waiter send a western suit over.”

Wang Yue and the rest were not anxious to go to the meeting place when they reached the hotel. Instead, it’s to first stay in the presidential suite first.

Talking about this president suit, Qin Chuan’s eye turn red. Good fellow this is no different from that tattered house of mine. A room is already a 100-meter square’s already with all kind of luxurious facilities or simple european design style.  An enormous velvet bed is in the center of the room as well. It seems like it’s a place where a princess would live in!

In the end, it is the wealthy people who really know how to enjoy themselves.

“Understood President Wang.”

Qian Jiao did not ask much and nods her head. She estimates Qin Chuan’s size visually before going out to prepare the western suit.

“Aiyah President Wang you see this is not that good..”

Qin Chuan’s face is red, “How can you waste such money. I have my own western suit.”

“I asked you to wear them why is there so much nonsense.”

Wang Yue berates Qin Chuan and then ignores him while she lowers her head and checks her files.

This lass, when she becomes serious she looks rather beautiful. Alas, still sends me a set of western suit. I did not expect that my fiance would also have this kind of kindness. I had thought that she was stone-hearted person in the past, looks like I had really misunderstood her.

Wang Yue seems to have thought of something as she says without lifting her head, “Right. The money from the western suit will be deducted from your monthly wages.”

When Qin Chuan hear this he is completely stunned, what the heck, what’s with this situation!

“After thinking for a while there is no need to send the western suit already! Just how much are my wages only! President Wang, I still have old and young to take care of ah! This western suit cost more than two months of my wages ah!”

This kind of super large hotel will usually prepare a few superior quality business suits for those people who come and go for a meeting to buy and use one.

One set cost quite a bit. Around 7-8k for 1!

While at this moment, Qian Jiao was carrying a brand new western suit bag walks in and rolls her eyes at Qin Chuan.

“Less nonsense, you this cheapskate person!”

Qian Jiao says coquettishly, “Do you know who are the people present today? Wearing something cheap will get you blocked at the entrance of the meeting place do you know? As an employee of Imperial, perhaps you might have the chance to get promoted. Letting you wear a set of formal suit is for your own good!”

Qin Chuan is able to understand the meaning of what Qian Jiao was saying, a chance of promoting? Could it be that Wang Yue really appreciates me? Did not expect that she has such good taste!

“Talking about this, it’s not like President Wang is able to deduct your entire month of wages ah. It’s definitely a bit monthly so you will be paying it off bit by bit over the months until you finish paying, am I right President Wang?”

Wang Yue raises her head and looks at Qian Jiao with a slight rebuke in her eyes.

“Quick-witted person.”

She only said one sentence before checking her proposal documents again.

After taking the western suit Qin Chuan ask, “I’m rather curious, Imperial is a super department store, why is there a need to have another plot of land for?”

“How can there only be a single Imperial Department Store in City H?”

Qian Jiao rolls her eyes at Qin Chuan, “This plot of land is to build the future economic heart. Whoever who is able to take it, will be able to truly dominate the economic circles of City H!”

“So that is the case…”

“There’s no need for you to understand this. Hurry up and change your clothing and stop delaying time.”

“Okay lah, I am going now!”

Qin Chuan hugs the western suit pleased before going to the toilet by the side.

Taking advantage that Qin Chuan is not around, Qian jiao asks Wang Yue softly, “President Wang why are you so kind to this fellow?”

“Am I treating him kindly? I’m only doing things in a strictly business-like manner only.”

Wang Yue decline to comment, “But it’s you, little lass. I did not say that I’m only deducting his wages monthly. Just now you think and act accordingly to yourself ah.”

“Hehe, President Wang. I know that you have a Bodhisattva heart. You definitely will not blame me right?”

Qian Jiao laughs merrily provoking Wang Yue to roll her eye.

Qian Jiao is not stupid. She’s able to see that Wang Yue seems to be more or less looking after him a bit. At this moment she knows that it was time for her to hand over an olive branch. Furthermore she more or less also wished to help Qin Chuan. Other than having no moral principles, everything else about him is outstanding.

“There ought to be a razor inside the bathroom so shave your facial hair as well!”

Qian Jiao suddenly thought of something and shout towards the bathroom, “Don’t leave your facial hair unkempt like an uncle!”

“Understood. You can come in and secretly take a look. I am only wearing underpants!”

Qin Chuan’s words cause Qian Jiao’s face to turn scarlet, this fellow is really shameless ah!

The two of them did not wait long when the door was pushed open. Qin Chuan who was wearing a suit and had shaved all his beard walks in.

When Qian Jiao sees him, her eyes instantly widen as she covers her mouth.

When Wang Yue raises her head and sees him, spirit flashes across her eyes.

The current Qin Chuan is currently wearing a clean black suit which shows off his capable and experienced temperament.

His face is grave and stern, similar to a knife’s edge. From time to time a flash of evilness flashes across his eyes which causes the people heart’s to beat faster.

This fellow…is really that previous hoodlum security guard?

Qian Jiao cannot take it in her heart **, he is basically not the same person…

“How is it?”

Qian Jiao smiles merrily and asks, “Is there a bit of out of place feeling?”

Qian Jiao bears with it and did not speak. She does not wish to praise this fellow. Not praising him and he is already narcissistic enough already. If she does, would his tail rise to the sky?

Wang Yue says, “Considered to have a bit of pose now.”

Which nearly cause Qin Chuan to choke to death.

What the heck, this Armani that I am wearing, after putting it on, it is considered as putting on airs? Just what kind of man is able to enter the discerning eye of my fiance.

“Let’s go, it’s almost time.”

Wang Yue picks up her documents and stands up. She smiles confidently, “Next is my battlefield.”

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Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 19    [Put on airs]

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