MCW 18

Chapter 18    [There can never be too much deception in war]


Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet

Qin Chuan remains unmoved. He did not retreat, instead, he advances.

One of the thugs who had just turned around and was preparing to chop down got a shock when he sees Qin Chuan charging into his embrace. At the same time, Qin Chuan’s elbow bumps into the thug’s stomach.


The thug feels a sharp pain in his stomach and nearly even vomit out his gall bladder water as well.

Qin Chuan grabs his chin and pull downwards and instantly dislocate his lower jaw. Gastric juice and saliva blend together in that brother’s mouth and drip to the ground.

After which Qin Chuan kicks him causing him to crash into the arms of another guy behind him. The two of them crashed and falls onto the ground together.

Qin Chuan’s actions were very sharp and in just a blink of an eye, he dealt with two of the thugs. The remaining three got shocked as their actions slowed down.

While Qin Chuan continues to walk forward. One of the thugs wakes up and instantly chops towards him with the machete.

Qin Chuan leans to the side brushing by the machete. At the same time, he grabs the thug’s wrist and he steps to the side. Borrowing the strength from his waist, he pulls the thug’s arm as he twists.


That thug’s arm instantly unhitches as his joint drop off. The entire arm instantly becomes a decoration and lost its strength. The machete also drops onto the ground as well.

At the same time, Qin Chuan did not forget to send a kick and kicks the lower jaw of the thug behind, sending him into the air and then collapse onto the ground seeing stars in front of him. He was no longer moving like a dead dog.

“Old Five! Big mouth!”

Seeing his last two brothers also collapsing, Big Head’s eyes nearly popped out.

This, this fellow is not a weakling ah!

“Just you left now.”

Qin Chuan loosens his slightly right neck and looks at Big Head who was shaking all over. “Didn’t you want the car keys? Come and take it ah.”

“Hero! Spare me!”

Big head suddenly tossed the machete in his hand down and raises both his hands as he kneels down in front of Qin Chuan.

“Act, actually this is my first day of joining Azure Dragon Union! I also do not wish to do bad things, it was they who forced me to do it!”

“Good boy.”

Qin Chuan pulls out a cigarette, place it in Big Head’s mouth and lights it, “Since that’s the case, in the future don’t learn from others and join gangs and mess around.”

Saying so he pats Big Head’s cheek but he does not dare to say anything, instead, he keeps nodding his head.

Only then did Qin Chuan turn around and walk towards the Mercedes-Benz. While at this moment Big Head who was trembling in fear suddenly turn around, holding a dagger in his hand and stab towards Qin Chuan’s back!

Wang Yue and Qian Jiao in the car are able to see it clearly and exclaim at the same time. but it is already too late to warn Qin Chuan.

Bu at this moment, Qin Chuan suddenly leaned to the side like he had eyes on his back, dodging the dagger. At the same time, his elbow follows his turning inertia and strikes out, hitting Big Head’s head. Instantly Big Head feels his head was hurting as his sights turn dark and instantly collapse onto the ground and fainted.

“Dogs can never change their habit of eating shit.”

Qin Chuan looks at the still smoldering cigarette on the ground and steps it out, “Alas, wasted a cigarette of mine ah.”

Saying finish he takes out the car key and presses. With two beeps, the Mercedes-Benz car is finally unlocked.

Qian Jiao and Wang Yue watched as Qin Chuan gets back onto the car. Their gaze on him became complicated.

“Did not expect…that you were really so capable at fighting…”

Qian Jiao ask subconsciously, “Could it be that you’re from the special forces?”

“Special forces? Which part of me looks like special forces, more like army ruffian.”

Qin Chuan laughs at himself, special forces? That’s the sharp weapon of the country. As for the previous me, I‘m nothing but a weapon of the wealthy people that’s all.

“President Wang, I had help you deal with you, you need to increase my wages right!”

Qin Chuan smiles merrily as he looks at Wang Yue in the back seat. At this moment the beautiful chairman hand already recover her ruddy complexion. That incomparable cool appearance really makes people like it a lot!

Unexpectedly Wang Yue only says this calmly, “When did I say that I was letting you go out to fight them?”

Nearly making Qin Chuan’s jaw drops.

“What the! President Wang, isn’t what you are doing destroying the bridge after crossing the river?! How can you conduct yourself like this ah!”

Wang Yue looks at Qin Chuan’s profiteer eyes, as well as that concealed faint evil light.

This fellow just what kind of person is he? If he really minds this bit of money can’t he just go back home?

Long Family have a lot of wealth. Even if he is not directly related but living normally is not a problem.

Wang Yue had work hard in the department store for so many years and had seen before all kinds of people. Although Qin Chuan appears like a common person but occasionally he will leak out a trace of experienced aura. Especially that evil light that was hidden at the bottom of his eyes, sometimes it will charge into Wang Yue’s heart.

“Just now I had nearly died trying to protect you ah! If you are not going to increase my wages, then I am not moving!”

Finished talking Qin Chuan pulls out the car key and lies on the chair behaving shamelessly.

“Oi, oi, how can you be like this!”

Qian Jiao smiles bitterly, to think that I had thought that he was not back earlier.

“There was no need for you to risk your life.”

Wang Yue unhurriedly says, “This car, as well as the windows, are bulletproof. As long as we hide in the car calmly they will not be able to do anything to us.”

While she speaks, she points at the crowd of people by the side, “Furthermore this place is not that isolated. There will definitely be people who pass by. Such a big thing had happened, even if the signal is back, there will still be people who will use other methods to inform the police. As long as we stay in the car and wait for the police calmly we will be safe.”

When Qin Chuan heard this, at that moment he is completely stunned, damn it, could it be that just now I had gone and be an idiot?

“So there’s no increase in your wages. You locked your leader in the car and leave without approval. It is already not bad that I did not deduct your wages.”

This beautiful president seems to be rather reasonable..,

Qin Chuan feels that he have nothing to retort with!

Damn it! This kind of feeling is really making me unhappy!

“That’s right it is obviously you this fellow who act on your own accord!”

Qian Jiao immediately follows up, “Qin Chuan I see that you are rather not bad thus I specially fought for benefits for you okay! You don’t take advantage of other peoples weakness and still shout for an increase in wages! That’s too much okay!”

“Fine then, just treat it as I did not say anything before.”

Facing the attacks from two beauties, Qin Chuan became speechless and can only rub his nose and starts driving.

Today is really damn like a scapegoat. Not only did I got framed by that Jin Yang fellow and I also waste strength for nothing! Damn it, indeed the old saying is true, the people in the city are all cunning!

“Wrong ah!”

Qin Chuan suddenly thought of something and cry out, “It is obviously you who are anxious to head to the bidding! Where do you have time to wait for police to come ah! You are toying with me!”

Wang Yue’s lip faintly arcs up beautifully, “There can never be too much deception in war.”


[Cry: If you see any mistakes or sentences that doesn’t make sense please comment it in the chapter or ping us in discord. Editing CN’s to proper english is sometimes hard cause we want to keep the translation at point. Broken english #1. ]

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 18    [There can never be too much deception in war]

Kinda like the current Wang Yue/

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