MCW 17

Chapter 17    [Don’t provoke Azura Dragon Union]


Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet

Finished saying Qin Chuan immediately pushed open the car door and jumps off the car. At the same time, he pulls out the car key and locks up the car, sealing it up completely.

Other than him, no one else will be able to open the car window. Qian Jiao and Wang Yue hide in the car while Qian Jiao cannot help but rap the car window. “This fellow is playing hero!”

Wang Yue says, “Report to the police.”

“President Wang are you worried about his safety?”

Qian Jiao was slightly shocked. From what she sees, Wang Yue had always been rather a cold president. She had seldom seen her like this.

“No matter what he is also a member of our company.”

Qian Jiao rolls her eyes in her heart, then why didn’t I see you being concerned about the other workers? Talking about this, this Qin Chuan was personally arranged into the company by President Wang…could it be that the two of them really have some kind of relationship?

“Quickly report to the police ah, hope that nothing happens.”

Seeing the 8 burly guys getting off the Santana with each of them holding a 7 hole machete, Wang Yue becomes slightly anxious.

These fellows, are really too lawless already right? In broad daylight, they actually hold a knife to commit an assault!

“I immediately call the police!”

Qian Jiao also got frightened as she immediately pulls out her handphone and prepares to call the police.

But then she exclaims in shock, “Gods, there’s no signal here!”

Wang Yue frowns and takes out her handphone as well. Indeed there is not a single bar of signal as well.

“Damn it!”

Wang Yue nearly smashed her handphone, this mobile signal it too unreliable!

“Damn it, they had surrounded us!”

Qian Jiao stares outside of the window nervously. At this moment the eight guys who were holding blades had already surrounded the Mercedes-Benz and surrounding Qin Chuan in their center.

“Damn it, to actually injure Old 2 so badly!”

One of the guy’s eyes turns red. Seeing those fainted brothers he wish to chop Qin Chuan into pieces while from his side a guy wearing black sunglasses blocks him.

“Big Head, don’t be so impulsive.”

“See, see it is still this big brother who is reasonable.”

Qin Chuan pulls out a Changbai from his pocket and pulls one out with the intention of passing it over.

[TL: Changbai is a brand of cigarette]

The guy in black sunglasses did not stretch out his hand to take it, instead, he snorts, “Don’t pretend to be calm here. We had seen lots of small hooligans like you guys. A bodyguard, I advise you to mind your own business”


Qin Chuan keeps the cigarette and lights it up before putting it in his mouth, “There’s a good saying. Taking other people’s money and help them avoid calamities. Although I, Qin Chuan am a thorough hooligan, but I am also not one those kinds of people who takes the money and does not do work.”

“Damnit, just as well, we’ll chop you to death first!”

Big Head wanted to chop people again while the guy in black sunglasses stops him once again.

“What the, what are you being so anxious for! You fucking calm your tits for me!”

Finished talking he takes off his sunglasses and reveals a knife scar above his eyes, “Let me tell you there are people in the car who had provoked our Azura Dragon Union! If you wish to live then immediately scram home!”

Qin Chuan ask, “Then if we do not want to scram home?”

“Then prepare to leave your corpse on the street!”

Killing intent instantly fills the eyes of the scared face guy like he is not scaring people.

“Aiyah, big brother, don’t you scare people ah!”

Qin Chuan immediately begs for mercy, “I am just a small bodyguard, what is the use of you chopping me to death! Just spare my little life ah.”

When Wang Yue inside the car heard what Qin Chuan had just said, her eyes became filled with despise. This kind of guy, to think that I was still worried about him earlier, he really does not deserve to sympathize!

While Qian Jiao’s eyes are filled with strangeness. It seems like Qin Chuan had also played this move before…

“Hahaha now you know fear! Still not opening the car door for me!”

The scared face guy laughs loudly in delight.

“Hahaha, big brother let me pass the car key to you…”

Finished saying so Qin Chuan takes out the car key and respectively walks over, passing it to the scared face guy. The scared face guy was delighted and just as he was about to take the car key, Qin Chuan spits out the cigarette at the eyes of the scared-face guy.


The scared-face guy covers his eyes in pain. While Qin Chuan turns around whips out with his leg and kicks the scared-face guy sending him to the sound.

“Damn it, chop him up!”

The other guys immediately lifted their blade up and fiercely charges over.

The seven of them were desperados holding machetes. Even a trained policeman would have trouble when they meet this kind of situation.

While Qin Chuan was calm as he retreats two steps and sticks to the Mercedes-Benz.

The desperados moved closer while Qin Chuan only places his hand against the side mirror. He uses strength with his arm and does a handstand on the car roof. After which his legs hook onto the car roof. Relying on the tips of his foot he straightens his body once again like displaying acrobatic moves he stands on the roof.

-dang, dang, dan!-

The seven machete’s chops onto the car creating sparks. The two girls inside the car got a huge shock as their face pales.

“Aiyah, the coating of the car got chipped off by you guys, do remember to compensate for it ah.”

Qin Chuan clucks at the same time he kicks a guy at his head like he was kicking a soccer ball.

That guy was really valiant. He did not say anything and immediately fainted, lying down on the ground face up.

“Damn it chop him up!”

The remaining six people climb up the car and chased after Qin Chuan slashing at him.

While Qin Chuan directly slides off the car like a snake and slips down.

A few people were ferocious as they jump down and continue chasing.

“Oi, where did that person run off to?”

In the end, when they jump off the car, there was no trace of Qin Chuan.

“Could it be that he had flown away?”

Just as the thugs were at a lost, a pair of hands suddenly grab hold of the legs of one of the thugs near the car and was fiercely pulled.

That thug was instantly unable to stand firm and falls flat onto the ground, breaking his nose. His gaze instantly turns black as he cries out in pain.

“Damn it, he’s hiding under the car!”

The guys slashed their machete’s under the car while Qin Chuan had already stuck to the ground and rolls out from the other side of the car.

“Is this fellow a fucking snake?”

“Even if it’s a snake, fucking chop him into two!”

Today we had really lost out big. just a small bodyguard and had directly wiped out the 7 of them!

The remaining 5 thugs had almost gone crazy. Today if we don’t chop this fellow to death, when and where can our Azura Dragon Union’s prestige go!

The thug called Big Head shouts, “If you have the ability then do not run. What kind of hero are you running around! Coward!”

Qin Chuan rolls his eyes. His gaze suddenly lands on Wang Yue in the car.

He is able to see a trace of disdain in her eyes.

Qin Chuan trembles, damn it looks like we got looked down by this lass.

“Okay ah, after all, I had not loosened my joints for a long time already.”

Qin Chuan suddenly stops running and stand still. After loosening his shoulders cracking sound rang out from his body like firecrackers.

“Provoking me this small bodyguard, your Azura Dragon Union can be considered as unlucky.”

“What the, this is the first time I see such an arrogant bodyguard. Attack, show him how powerful our Azura Dragon Union is!”

The 5 thugs holding machete’s rushes up like wolves.

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 17    [Don’t provoke Azura Dragon Union]

Enjoy the chapter, alas this is the last few of the shorter chapters…the rest will soon be as long as MKW

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