MCW 16

Chapter 16    [Violent street racing]


Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet

“Get rid of them.”

Wang Yue directly orders Qin Chuan started to laugh, “Hahaha, how is that possible ah President Wang. This is a public road ah if something happens what can I do. I had just started working and my beautiful life just started. I do not wish to get arrested by the traffic police.”

Wang Yue looks at Qin Chuan unhappily, already at this point in time and he still actually wants to talk about the terms with me?

Indeed I did not misjudge. He is a shameless person.

Wang Yue says indifferent, “Double your OT pay.”

“This is not a matter of money…”


“President Wang put on your safety belt properly!”

Qin Chuan stomps on the gas and the car shoots forward. The Mercedes-Benz R-Class lets out a roar and shoots out. Following which is a scene that causes their eyes to widen!

Qin Chuan immediately swerve to the left and drives the car on the reverse traffic lane!

This is a high-speed road on the flyover ah! The two rows of traffic lane are driving at the top of their speed!

“You are crazy!”

Qian Jiao holds Qin Chuan’s arm as her face turns as pale as a wax paper, “Right now, you are going against the traffic ah! AH CAR!!!!”

In front of them was a truck that whistled as it drives towards them. Qin Chuan was smiling as he keeps stepping on the clutch incessantly. He keeps shifting the gear while the steering wheel turns around at lightning speed. The car twist and turns to the right, brushing by the truck.

The three Santana did not dare to cut to the left side of the road and was very quickly separated by the protective railing. While Qin Chuan was like an acrobat walking on a tightrope as he continues to weave between the traffic while surrounded by perils!

“Quick, quickly go back ah!”

Qian Jiao had already lost her reasoning from fear where else Wang Yue is still fine. Although she did not say anything but the biting of her lips betrays her inner anxiousness.

“There’s a protective railing ah, how to go back.”

Qin Chuan says, “Furthermore even if we go back, we will still meet those three Santana. President Wang ask to me cast them off!”

“That also doesn’t mean allowing you to play with our lives!”

Qian Jiao hurriedly and worriedly says, “President Wang, you, you quickly persuade him to stop!”

“If we stop then we might all get run over.”

Qin Chuan laughs, “Secretary Qian you just watch. I will not joke around with both of your lives!”

“President Wang!”

Qian Jiao can only ask for help from Wang Yue at the back seat.

Unexpectedly Wang Yue only clenches her hands and says, “Continue driving!”


Qin Chuan pressed the accelerator all the way down and the MVP was instantly treated like a race car by him. Speeding up against the incoming traffic.

The incoming drivers were all badly frighten as they curse this lunatic!

“Bullshit! Is he drunk!”

A taxi driver who had just bushed by slowing down his speed and lowers his window and scolds, “Does he fucking think that he is driving a flying car?! What the heck man!”

Qin Chuan then did not care about their scoldings. He drives effortlessly as he keeps stepping on the accelerator. In a blink of an eye, he drives towards the left of the intersection.

This way we should be able to cast them off.

Unexpectedly the three Santana which was driving on the opposite lane suddenly crashed through the protective railing and chases after them.

“What the hell! Looks like they really are after us.”

When Qin Chuan sees this from the rear mirror he lets out a cry, “President Wang, did you owe people money and did not return them?! They are risking their lives to get their wages from you ah!”

“I had never owed anyone any wages.”

After leaving the traffic lane, Wang Yue calms down a lot and says indifferently, “But if you gossip some more, perhaps I can consider deducting your wages.”

“What the, only know how to take your anger out on me. Forget it, who ask me to be a small security guard!”

Qin Chuan sighs and continues to concentrate on driving. The three Santana were like spectors following behind them.

“Looks like this people really love you.”

Qin Chuan uses the rear mirror to look at his fiance.

“Hmph,” Wang Yue snorts, “Just a bunch of clowns jumping about.”

“These people are from Azure Dragon Union…”

By the side, Qian Jiao explains, “It is a bunch of complete hooligans. The hired thugs that Azure Dragon Conglomerate raises!”

“Azure Dragon Conglomerate? This name sounds rather awesome ah.”

Although Qin Chuan does not understand, but it sounds pretty awesome.

“You don’t even know of Azure Dragon Conglomerate?”

Qian Jiao looks at Qin Chuan like she is looking at an alien.

Qin Chuan shrugs his shoulders, “Don’t look at me like this. I had just came back to City H.”

“So that is the case, then no wonder.”

Qian Jiao nods her head and her gaze towards Qin Chuan became normal, “Azure Dragon Conglomerate and our Imperial Conglomerate are the same which are both famous large companies. But Azure Dragon Conglomerate is not clean and relies on smuggling to rise. Right now they also raised a number of hired thugs. The moment they have any conflicts with an opposing company, they will order these hired thugs. Right now Azure Dragon Conglomerate is concentrating on real estate and is relying on this hired thugs to threaten away a number of householders who refuse to vacate their home.”

“Using force to relocate the inhabitants ah!”

When Qin Chuan hears this he exclaims, “This Azure Dragon Conglomerate really knows how to play, eating both black and white ah!”

“President Wang going out to discuss business, in fact speaking frankly is to go and compete for the target.”

Qian Jiao continues to explain, “Everyone is going to go and compete over a piece of new government lot. Our Imperial Conglomerate has very high hopes. But the Azure Dragon Conglomerate were unresigned, thus they do this.”

Wang Yue snorts, “No need to be afraid of them. I do not believe that they dare to do anything to me!”

“President Wang…this time round before the bidding, there are a lot of opposing companies, didn’t their person in charge declare to withdraw due to injuries….”

Qian Jiao reminds Wang Yue, “They are a lawless bunch…”

“What are you afraid of!”

As Qin Chuan drives his car he says, “Isn’t there still me? I am the best bodyguard in our company! Isn’t it just a few hooligans, what is there to be afraid of them!”

While they were speaking, through the rear mirror, Qin Chuan sees one of the Santana lower it’s window. That fellow stretches out a black pistol and aim towards Qin Chuan’s Mercedes-Benz.

“What the heck! Seat tight!”

Qin Chuan promptly stomps on the brakes causing the car to drift, drawing out two rows of black tire marks and horizontally stops in the center of the road.

The front-most Santana was immediately unable to stop in time and crashes into the Mercedes-Benz head-on.

The Mercedes-Benz R series has a heavy chassis. It only slid backward for a bit of distance while the Santana’s hood was completely flattened. The guy who was holding the pistol crashed through the front window and flies out. He flies over the Mercedes-Benz and falls on the opposite side. His entire face is covered in blood along the scattered glass fragments.

Wang Yue and Qian Jiao were shocked due to the shaking of the car. But because both of them were wearing their safety belt, thus they were fine. Seeing the guy that fell to the ground covered in blood, Qian Jiao subconsciously asks, “Is, is he fine.”

“If he is fine then we will not be fine.”

Qin Chuan looks at the other two cars that were blocked and his eyes narrow.

“The two of you do not get off the car, leave this to me to handle.”

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 16    [Violent street racing]

Enjoy the chapter, alas this is the last few of the shorter chapters…the rest will soon be as long as MKW

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