MCW 15

Chapter 15    [stalker]


Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet

Qin Chuan had always been driving an off-road vehicle in the desert and was used to those kinds of free and unconstrained street race feeling. Right now he is in the city, driving at 40 km/h, he more or less feels a bit gloomy.

How many times had he wished to press down the gas all the way! Damn it that Porsches in front what are you rampant about! Me overtaking you is just a matter of seconds to do you know!

Qin Chuan bears with his temper and continues to act the role of an old bull.

Wang Yue who was sitting at the back did not say anything. It seems like she had her eyes closed and was resting. Qin Chuan adjusts the rearview mirror and nicely allowed the mirror to reflect on her legs. Tsk, tsk this lass’s legs look really good ah, perfectly round and straight. It’s a pity that she closed her legs so tightly and is unable to see what’s under the skirt…

Qian Jiao who was sitting at the front passenger seat seems to have sensed something. She straightened the rear view mirror and gives Qin Chuan a fierce glare.

Qin Chuan smiles drily and waits for the red light to pass. The moment the red light had passed and he was about to drive. From the side, an old man suddenly dashes out and barrels in front of the car.

The car sways and Qin Chuan instantly jam the brakes!

Wang Yue who got shocked awake, subconsciously ask, “What’s the matter!”

“Knock, knocked down a person….”

Qian Jiao’s face turns pale, the smooth and slick secretary is currently completely stunned.

Wang Yue frowns even deeper, “Go down and check.”

She opened the car door and gets off the car together with Qian Jiao and checks the injury of the old man under the car.

“Aiyah…my waist…”

The old man lies down on the ground, moaning without end.

Qian Jiao is slightly anxious as she asks, “Grandpa…are, are you fine..”

“How can I be fine, how did you drive just to crash into me, I am going to sue you!”

The old man lies on the ground and under the gaze of everyone in the surrounding, he shouts loudly, “My waist is almost broken by you guys, don’t believe you take a look, takes a look!”

Saying finish he pulls off his shirt, revealing his stomach, “This old waist of mine, this time around I’m afraid it’s already paralyzed already ah!”

Qian Jiao does not know what to do as she glances at Wang Yue. Wang Yue sighs and says, “Grandpa…you get up first before we continue talking…”

Unexpectedly the majestic chairwoman is instantly scolded by the old man with a torrent of abuse.

“Get lost! Stinky woman! After knocking into me you still want to pretend to be a good person! Say it, public or private?”

Just as the ladies were under pressure, Qin Chuan walks up slowly and stands in front of the old man. He smiles merrily and says, “Don’t know what this old man meant for public or private?”

Wang Yue glances at Qin Chuan. She doesn’t know how he plans to deal with the situation. She is not an idiot and she is able to see with one glance that the old man is perfectly fine, and that he is a pengci. But no matter who encounters this kind of matters they are also helpless. There were a lot of people in the surrounding watching, some taking pictures, some taking video, but not a single one is saying anything for justice.

[TL: pengci: Chinese crime where scammers feign injury in traffic accidents in order to extort money from drivers. – Wikipedia]

As she is in a hurry to discuss business with other people, she is already prepared to use money to settle this problem. Although if she does it, she is left a bit unresigned. The money that I had worked hard to earn, I’m really not that willing to give them to a person like him.

“Hmph, public then prepare for the police to arrest you guys!”

The old man shouts, “If private, you guys need to pay me 2k! Then this matter will be settled!”

“You say what is the point of you doing this?”

Qin Chuan sighs, “You are already such so old for 2k you come out and throw your face. This lying down is really not with it ah. If it is me I would have asked for 20k ah.”


The old man was shocked as he does not know what Qin Chuan was playing at. By the side Qian Jiao was stunned. is he helping us or the old man?

“Old grandpa, let me tell you if you want to come out and play then you must play it bigger. Didn’t the old saying said, ‘The more courageous you are the richer you get!’ This small scale method of yours how can you become rich ah!”

Finished talking, he then suddenly pulls out a butterfly knife from his pocket. This butterfly knife was a memento of a comrade-in-arms of his. No matter where he is Qin Chuan always brings it along.

Qin Chuan plays with the butterfly knife, wielding it dazzlingly. The butterfly knife looked like it was alive like it was a real dancing butterfly. Causing the old man who was watching to be shocked.

“Grandpa, I see that your body is not bad. Come, I will help you open a hole. With this hole, you are able to get 30-40k! Come, come, come, I know that you do not have the courage, so let me help you!”

Finished talking he raises the butterfly knife in his hand and then fiercely stabs it towards the old man’s leg.

“Ah! Killing people ah!”

The old man nearly peed in his pants and subconsciously withdraws his leg and climbs up to his feet.

“Aiyah, grandpa your movements are not bad eh.”

Qin Chuan smiles, “Your waist no longer have any problem?”

The old man’s face turns red. As he did not expect that Qin Chuan would scare him into exposing a mistake.

Originally he planned to extort a big sum but halfway through someone came in and disrupt things in the end!

“Good fellow, this grandpa will remember you!”

The old man tosses behind a fierce line before escaping away with his tail between her legs.

“Ai, what kind of person is that ah!”

Qian Jiao cannot help but berate, “He is already so old and of all the things to do, he comes and does such things! Really throwing away people face! Qin Chuan this time round it is really thanks to you!”

“Dragons have a dragon’s way, a mouse has mouse ways.”

Qin Chuan keeps his butterfly knife away properly and says, “Secretary Qian perhaps you are very good in handling workplace matters. But this kind of matter, you are inferior to me.”

“Enough. Only praised you a few sentences and you’re already over your head.”

Qian Jiao rolls her eyes at Qin Chuan but Qin Chuan enjoys it, the way she rolls her eye is rather nice to look at. How nice would it be if I am the chairman? With such a pretty beauty staying by my side and be my secretary…alas, such a pity she had followed Wang Yue this woman. Really is a waste of natural resources ah!

“Get on the car.”

Wang Yue did not even say a thank you and immediately turns back to the car.

What the heck! This lass really does not know how to appreciate kindness ah! Why does she treat me like an enemy ah! Too reserved already, be careful it is very lonely at the top!

After muttering apprehensively in his heart, Qin Chuan can only obediently board the car. While Qian Jiao by the side cannot help but be secretly happy when she sees him appearing deflated.

After dealing with the small disturbance, the three of them continued on their journey. City H was very large, especially since a very large river cuts across the city. Dividing the city into a north and south district. They were driving from the south district towards the north district. Thus the distance was rather far. After Qin Chuan had droved over the large river bridge, he glances at the rear mirror by the side and his eyes narrow slightly.

“President Wang does your company have any fanatical fan?”

Wang Yue glance at Qin Chuan not understanding what he said.

Before she could speak, Qian Jiao says, “What are you talking about. President Wang is the president, not a superstar like Fan Bingbing, where would the fans come from?”

“Then that’s very interesting.”

Qin Chuan smiles as he controls the steering wheel with a single hand he points towards the back with the other, “There are three cars behind of us which had been fanatically following us for a long time.”


Wang Yue and Qian Jiao looks back at the same time and realized that there are 3 Santana following behind them. No matter how Qin Chuan turns, they kept following behind steadily.

Qin Chuan sighs, “In this lifetime if there are paparazzi who will chase after me, then it’s already worth it”

Wang Yue finally opens her mouth but it was to give an order, “Get rid of them.”

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 15    [Stalker]

Enjoy the chapter, alas this is the last few of the shorter chapters…the rest will soon be as long as MKW

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