MCW 14

Chapter 14    [Security guard becomes a driver]


Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet

“May Secretary Qian please enlighten me. I am just a small bodyguard, I am about to turn stupid by you guys.”

Qin Chuan says, “Really is taking the money for being a security guard, and have to follow the heart of the chairman,”

“The workplace is originally like this.”

Qian Jiao rolls her eyes at Qin Chuan, “Furthermore the things that President Wang needs to consider is way more than yours. Where are you right now? If you are really able to understand the thoughts of President Wang, then you would not need to be a small security guard…but you had really finished today’s matter beautifully. It can be considered as helping President Wang recovering some lost ground.”

Qin Chuan ask, “What do you mean? I only did some self-preservation how did I help President Wang recover some lost ground?”

“Although this department store looks calm and peaceful, but in reality, there are very terrible internal power struggles.”

Qian Jiao checks the two fainted bodyguards once more before saying softly, “President  Wang is so young and she became the Chairman of the department store. Naturally, it caused some people to become unhappy. Right now President Wang’s term is about to end, thus there are countless people busy playing dirty tricks behind her back. That Li Hua, his father is actually a major shareholder of the department store. He belongs to the opposing faction of President Wang. This matter of yours should be something that he had arranged. After all Jin Yang’s father, Operations Manager Jin Jiu is a member of their faction.”

“So complicated, a single company still actually have factions in it ah!”

Qin Chuan grins, “Why don’t you guys just come out and fight. Whoever wins is the one who is in power!”

“You think this is a gang is it!”

Qian Jiao rolls her eyes at Qin Chuan, “Anyways like what Li Hua had said, you are considered as someone whom President Wang arranged in. This time around they wish to take actions on you to bring down President Wang. But your counter-attack was amazing. I indeed did not misjudge you. You this person is not very simple.”

“What you say is really wrongly accusing me ah!”

Qin Chuan immediately says, “I this person is very simple. So simple that I can not be any simpler!”

“You? Simple?”

Qian Jiao raises her eyebrow not believing what he is saying at all.

“Of course I’m simple ah! You are not familiar with me thus you do not understand! How about this Secretary Qian, I’ll give you a chance to get very familiar with me. You can be my girlfriend okay, so be it if I lose out a bit.”

“Tsk, you still lose out a bit.”

Qian Jiao covers her mouth and clucks, “You this fellow is a typical case of after obtaining an advantage still pretends to lose out. I’m not going to talk to you anymore. I still have a whole bunch of things to handle. You calmly go and be your security guard don’t get swept into this kind of matter again. Be more alert okay?”

“You relax there is no one in this world who is more capable than me.”

Qin Chuan raised a hand and swear. At this moment the bald bodyguard seems to be waking up again and Qin Chuan gifted him with a kick, kicking him asleep.

Qian Jiao cannot help but roll her eyes at him. Just as she is about to walk out of the room her handphone suddenly rings.

“Ah, President Wang I am still downstairs…ah, you are going out, right now? But the chauffeur Old Wang had taken a sick leave today…I, I know how to drive a car…but, but not that familiar with the road ah…”

The beautiful secretary should have picked up a call from Wang Yue. She seems to be slightly awkward as she replies. At that moment her gaze lands on Qin Chuan and then brightens up.

“Ah, I have a readily available chauffeur here! He should be able to help out! Okay, President Wang, I’ll bring him over right now to pick up the car!”

Saying finish Qian Jiao hangs up and swiftly pulls Qin Chuan, “Let’s go, come with me!”

“What for ah!”

Qin Chuan lets out a shocked cry and struggles as he says, “We still have not dated yet and you are going to kidnap me to be married is it! Let me tell you I am not that kind of casual person!”

“Stop with your nonsense!”

Qian Jiao knows that Qin Chuan’s mouth can be very sarcastic thus she might as well not explain and says, “Didn’t you wish to have a rise in wages right? Right now I’m giving you a chance to perform. President Wang is in a hurry to discuss business matters. The usual chauffeur had taken a sick leave today. You first act as a temporary chauffeur for now!”

“That’s not possible!”

Unexpectedly QIn Chuan actually did not agree, “I am a security guard why should I go and be a chauffeur! Isn’t this messed up! Cannot, cannot, definitely cannot!”

“This is considered as working overtime. There will be overtime allowance.”

“Even if I am a small security guard I also need to contribute every bit of my strength to the company! Where is the car quickly bring me over!”

Qian Jiao is completely speechless, this fellow completely does not have any limit!

Qin Chuan follows Qian Jiao all the way out of the department store and walks to the car park outside.

While at this moment a black Mercedes-Benz is slowly driving out. The car window is lowered and Qin Chuan sees Li Hua looking out of the window at him.

That gaze clearly carries a kind of loathing as well as a kind of disdain.

Qin Chuan is happy in his heart. I had just come to the company for a day and I had already offended the son of a major shareholder’s son. Alas, looks like being a security guard is really not peaceful ah.

But so what, what should be yours will be yours, what should not be yours will not be yours!

Thinking to here, Qin Chuan clears his throat and waves his hands towards the Mercedes-Benz and shouts enthusiasm.

“Mr. Li where are you going ah, do you want me to send you!”

Li Hua’s face clearly twitches as he immediately raises the car window and the car speeds off.

“You this fellow…”

Qian Jiao smiles in anger, “You don’t care if you cause the matter to blow up ah! No matter what Li Huo is still the son of a major shareholder, why are you provoking him for?”

“Even if I did not provoke him, will he let me off?”

Qin Chuan lights up a cigarette and starts smoking it. He says sloppily, “I Qin Chuan have a lowly life. My principle is don’t provoke me otherwise if you were unable to kill me, I will turn around and play you to death!”

“Really is a rascal!”

Qian Jiao stretches out her hand and snatches away Qin Chuan’s cigarette and toss it onto the ground and stomp it out. “In front of President Wang do not smoke. She hates people who smoke the most.”

“What does her hating smoking have anything to do with me ah!”

Qin Chuan is basically a heavy smoker. When he got ban smoking he instantly becomes unhappy, “Controlling the heaven and earth and still want to control other people peeing and shitting is it!”

“You don’t want your extra pay any more?”

“That, smoking is bad for the health. Sometimes not smoking is actually taking care of the body.”

Qin Chuan immediately steps on the cigarette making Qian Jiao roll her eyes.

This fellow really cannot be saved. Currently, President Wang is going against the opposing faction and suddenly this living treasure appears. Is this good or bad?

But no matter what he is already pulled into this battle. Am ordeal by innocence ah! Stinky fellow consider yourself unlucky!

Qian Jiao brings Qin Chuan to a car. Qin Chuan takes a look at it and salivates. Oh my gosh, Mercedes-Benz R400, This Wang Yue’s business car is a bit too luxurious already!

My electric motorbike really cannot be compared to it ah…

At this moment Wang Yue who was wearing a beautiful western attire stride over leisurely towards them with her long beautiful legs.

Her gaze land on Qin Chuan and her brows faintly knit.

“It’s him?”

Qian Jiao nods her head, “That’s right President Wang…it this okay?”

Qin Chuan thinks gloomily, the heck, is this considered as picking meat in the market, not satisfied then change to another piece?

Wang Yue withdraw her gaze and says faintly, “Forget it, let us go.”

Qin Chuan’s mouth twitches, hmph what are you delighted about! A while later I will drive you into a gutter!

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 14    [Security guard becomes a driver]

Enjoy the chapter, alas this is the last few of the shorter chapters…the rest will soon be as long as MKW

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