MCW 13

Chapter 13    [Too disappointing]


Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet

Wang Yue and Qian Jiao’s gaze changes a bit as they did not expect that he is able to fight so well.

Wang Yue feels like her face had brightened up slightly. Qin Chuan beating down the two bodyguards had more or less help the company’s security guards earn back some face. But the trouble after this seems to be even large…alas, headache ah. It seems like I should not have brought him in.

“You, you this thief!”

Jin Yang suddenly shouts, “You had stolen stuff and now you still attack violently! Damn it really do not know why the company accepted you this kind of violent person in!”

“I am only defending myself reasonably that’s all!”

Qin Chuan innocently shrugs his shoulders, “All of you had seen it. It was them who took action first.”

“They are catching a thief!”

Jin Yang immediately shouts, “Catch you this pilfering thief!”

Qin Chuan lights up a cigarette and smiles merrily and asks, “Ah? Why are you saying that I am a thief?”

Jin Yang lets out a series of question, “You had already been caught red-handed by us okay! Now you still wish to not admit to it? Do you know how much does that 82 Lafite you just drank cost? Are you even able to compensate for it?”


Qin Chuan smiles and lifts up the wine cup and slowly smell the wine inside. “Young master Jin to think that you are actually a rich man’s son. How can you not be able to differentiate between a normal red wine and a Lafite? The wine in this bottle is Changyu Cabernet. Premium grade, 78 per bottle in the department store. If you do not believe we can invite a professional wine sommelier to have a taste.”

Jin Yang got a huge shock, how did he know! Could it be that he had tasted it out? Not possible how poisonous is this fellow’s mouth!

But I will not be defeated like this!

Jin Yang immediately says, “Hmph, even if it’s ordinary red wine so what! Nevertheless, you turned up without being invited and you also pilfer to drink! This had already constitute to the crime of stealing! Furthermore, this had gravely violated the rules and regulations system of our department store!”

“Is it me who violated the law or you who violated the law?”

Qin Chuan smiles and does not have any hit of being panicky, “Young master Jin ah. At my old home, there is a good saying. Framing people will be pulled to hell by the demons to be deep fried ah. I think with your physique even if you got deep fried in oil you will not be nice to eat right?”

“What nonsense are you saying! You still wish to make bogus accusations?!”

Jin Wang sees that the expression of Wang Yue and Jian Jiao where both not that right. He immediately shouts, “It’s useless, there’s no one here who will believe you!”

“Young master Jin ah, I this person have a habit.”

Qin Chuan takes a puff as he smiles merrily and says, “When I meet things that I feel that is weird, I will subconsciously turn on the sound recording and record down those strange matters.”

Finished saying he pulls out his handphone that is made in Country C and waves it, “Although it is from our own country, but the sound recording function is still quite good. Do you want to hear it?”

Jin Yang’s face turns very ugly but he calms down and sneers coldly, “Hmph, you wish to use this kind of method to scare me? Qin Chuan to keep refusing to admit to it! You are a thief!”

“Alas, stubbornly insisting on your own ideas.”

Qin Chuan lets out a sigh and presses the play button.

From the handphone comes the voice of two people. One is Qin Chuan, the other is Jin Yang.

<<Jin Yang, the two of us previously had some disagreement. Are you really going to treat me to a drink?

That’s right ah, without fighting how would we make friends!

In the future everyone is colleges we need to help each other out!

Then can’t we go out and find a small pub to have a drink, will we be fine in here?


Aiyah, Brother Qin, there is no need for you to be polite to me! I have a customer’s private room in this place which is usually given to me to take care of! I have the final say!

That what if President Wang blames me…

What are you afraid of. If anything happens I will take responsibility! With me Jin Yang here who can fire you! My father is the Operations Manager!

Too luxurious already right…I had never been to such a good place before. Aiyah, a real leather sofa, how much does it cost? A few hundred right?

Come, try this 82 Chateau Lafite Rothschild. There are very few on the market, I also need to request from my friend to obtain one.>>

As each and every single sentence is spoken out, Jin Yang’s face turns a shade paler. By the time everything had been played out, there is no longer any blood on his face and his face is even whiter than paper.

Wang Yue suddenly smiles, her smile carries some meaning that cannot be said.

At this moment Li Hua suddenly takes action. He suddenly sent out a backhand slap, hitting Jin Yang’s face.

“Scumbag! You actually did such a thing!”

Jin Yang becomes blank from being slapped. He holds his face and did not come back for a while.

“I wonder if Manager knows about this matter.”

Wang Yue says faintly, “Talking about this Mr. Li,  Jin Yang is someone whom you had personally brought into the department store.”


Li Hua’s forehead is covered with cold sweat. But his thoughts spin quickly and he immediately says, “It’s my fault. I misjudged him. Because he was my junior in university, thus I am comparatively taking care of him. I had thought that his character was not bad and unexpectedly he actually does such despicable acts! Really made me too disappointed!”

“I, I am wrong!”

Young master Jin is also not an idiot. He knows that whatever he says now is useless as he immediately grabs his head and starts crying, “It is me who is petty. My heart to retaliate is too strong! Last time after having a bit of contradiction with Qin Chuan I started thinking of a way to get revenge! It’s my bad, it’s my bad!”

Finished saying he started slapping himself left and right on his own check.

“You really make me too disappointed!”

Li Hua says ferociously, “President  Wang how to deal with him shall be up to you! You are the chairman of the department store. I believe that you know how to properly deal with this matter.”

Saying finish this older brother immediately turns around and walks off leaving behind his two bodyguards. Today he had thrown away too much face already. If he stands in this room for a second more the more unhappy he gets! Jin Yang that idiot, he swore to me that there was no problem. In the end, he got played by a small security guard!

“I am wrong, President Wang I am wrong!”

Jin Yang continues to slap his own mouth while Qin Chuan is delighted and said, “Young master Jin you must be tired of slapping yourself. Why don’t I help you? I, this person do not have any other strong points, just that I like to help others.”

Jin Wang really has the intention of killing people, this fellow, the two of us cannot exist together!

“Enough, since Mr. Li no longer looks into it, there’s no need for you to hit anymore.”

Wang Yue says faintly, “As colleagues, you guys ought to be united. I do not hope to see this kind of matter happening again. Jin Yang, this time round is just a lesson. There will not be a second time.”

Finished saying Qin Chuan’s fiance also turns around and walks out of the room. That back view is very confident and at ease. Qin Chuan is stun, what the heck, not firing this person?

“Thank you, President Wang, thank you, President Wang, President Wang let me walk you out!”

[Cry: For clarification sake just in case: He meant to let him escort her out of the room.]

Jin Yang immediately chased behind while Qian Jiao seems to have stayed behind to handle the rest of the matter.

Qin Chuan tosses the cigarette head onto the ground and stomps it off angrily. While at this moment one of the bodyguards seems to be waking up. Qin Chuan sends him off to another nap making him faint once again.

“You, this idiot.”

Seeing this scene Qian Jiao smiles, “Are you angry at President Wang?”

“How would I dare to!”

Qin Chuan sneers, “I am just a small security guard who can be fired whenever she likes. How would I dare to be angry at her! This is not turning on the light and finding stool in the toilet!”

“Less nonsense, that bit of thoughts of your is already written on your face.”

Qian Jiao looks at the two fainted bodyguards and orders Zhang Dana to find people to send them to the hospital. After which she says to Qin Chuan, “Seeing that your performance today is not bad, big sister shall tell you some matters as a reminder to you.”

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 13    [Too disappointing]

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