MCW 12

Chapter 12    [Frame]


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Following them is also Zhang Dana. When this fellow sees Qin Chuan he first pauses for a bit before laughing coldly. This cold laughter is like the cry of a rooster.

As for that handsome guy, behind him is two huge guys in black suits and wearing sunglasses. Qin Chuan shakes his head, still wearing sunglasses while in the building? Are you acting cool is it?

“Stand up.”

Wang Yue says indifferent but her tone contains a trace of coldness as well as a trace of being unquestionable.

“Aiyah, what is this ah?”

Qin Chuan watches as a large number of people walking in shock. After which he looks at Jin Yang and says, “Jin Yang didn’t you say that you are bringing two more people over to drink? Why did you also invite President Wang over as well!”

“Shut up! Don’t you slander other people!”

Jin Yang transforms from his earlier gentle manner and berates coldly, “Who wants to invite you for a drink! You this fellow is really a rascal! You actually dare to pour dirty water on me! Qin Chuan ah, you are really daring to even dare to break into the VIP lounge of Mr. Li!”

The handsome guy standing by Jin Yang’s side seems to be the Mr. Li that he is mentioning. Currently, this Mr. Li had his arms crossed as he sneers, “I had stored this 82 Chateau Lafite Rothschild here for such a long time and I cannot bear to drink it myself. President Wang, such kind of matter happening in Imperial, how do you plan to pay me back for my loss?”

“Mr. Li, there is no need to worry. If something happens, naturally I will be responsible.”

Wang Yue replies, “Mr. Li is our Gold VIP. The department store will not let any valuable guest receive any loss.”

“Well said ah.”

Li Hua clucks, “But I had heard that this daring security guard was personally arranged by you to enter the company.”

Wang Yue knits her brows faintly and Qian Jiao steps forward and says, “Mr. Li you had genuinely made a mistake. Qin Chuan had come to the interview himself but back then President Wang was just nice the interviewer. If you say that it is President Wang who personally arranged him, then it is a groundless accusation ah. Mr. Li you relax. We will definitely give you a satisfying justification.”

“Say less of that nonsense.”

Li Hua waves his hand, “President  Wang, your chairman term is about to end already. A lot of shareholders seem to be unsatisfied with you. Originally I am still very supportive of you but I did not think that you will actually be so disappointing….”

“Before we had finished investigating this entire matter I feel that Mr. Li has no need to come to a final conclusion so soon.”

Wang Yue glanced at Qin Chuan and at that moment, Qin Chuan was able to see a trace of disgust in her eyes. Damn it, this finance of mine is definitely hating me now, who ask him to pour dirty water on her ah!

“What else is there to investigate? He is already caught red-handed!”

Jin Yang scrambles to speak, “President  Wang ah President Wang, you say you ah, how can you be so careless. I had already wished to tell you that this kind of person is not reliable! You see how you put him into the security guard post!”

“What are you guys talking about, why do I not understand a single sentence?”

Qin Chuan blinks his eyes, “What secretly drink wine, what caught red-handed? Are you guys putting on a show for me?”

Qian Jiao gives Qin Chuan a meaningful look to indicate to him to stop speaking.

While Jin Yang laughs loudly and says, “Qin Chuan you are really good ah, after being caught you still actually pretend to be stupid! You this country bumpkin what kind of place do you think my Imperial department store is? This place is not your home! You had been caught stealing and right now we are going to send you to the police station!”

“Aiyah also wants to send me to the police station ah!”

At this moment Qin Chuan withdraws his earlier ignorant manner and stands up. Coldness erupts out from his eyes, “I want to see who is able to capture me?”

“Little thief! What are you being arrogant about!”

Jin Yang snorts, “Manager Zhang you are the manager of the security guards. Now is the time where we need you! Go and take him down!”

Zhang Dana glances at Qin Chuan and recalls how he broke the safe with a single punch, his legs soften.

“Yo…you….young master Jin…..I had the runs for the past two days…my body is very weak…”

Zhang Dana thought of an excuse and immediately says, “I even have a bit of problem walking…why don’t I help you call people over?”

Jin Yang is very angry, this Zhang Dana actually drops the shoes at the very last moment!

“No need. Let my people do it.”

Li Hua claps his hands and the two black suit bodyguards immediately move forward.

“These two people are the top grade bodyguards that I had brought over from County H.”

Li Hua says to President Wang, “Your company’s security system really makes people disappointed. Letting my bodyguards to personally deal with a small hooligan is really using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.”

Wang Yue did not say anything. She only narrows her eyes and her pretty eyes turn into a crescent moon.

The two bodyguards walk towards Qin Chuan. The blady on the left tried to grab Qin Chuan’s arm.

Qin Chuan smiles, this brother seems to wish to use capturing technique to control me, But to deal with an ordinary person this capture technique is indeed efficient. But to deal with me, it is by far inadequate.

Qin Chuan hates fighting the most. Because his abilities is used to kill people. But if they really start fighting, then the opponent is out of luck.

That baldy bodyguard did not seem to think too highly of Qin Chuan as he grabs hold of Qin Chuan’s shoulder with a single hand. His palm exerts strength and tightens, clutching Qin Chuan’s shoulder.

The baldy bodyguard is very confident in himself. His grip strength is very astonishing and is able to thoroughly knead a grip tool bent!

But before he is able to exert strength that little security guard in front of him suddenly grabs his wrist and exerted strength as well.


A sharp pain instantly hits him making the baldy bodyguard cry out in pain. He feels like his wrist was being crushed by iron pliers! At the same time, Qin Chuan pulls his wrist and pulls him towards him before slamming his forehead onto that brother’s nose.

Fresh blood instantly flows out and the baldy guy covers his nose and collapses onto the ground. At that instant, Qin Chuan had broken his nose bone.

“Don’t look down on my department stores security guard ah.”

Qin Chuan glance towards the stunned Li Hua and Jin Yang. The other bodyguard’s reactions were very quick. He instantly pulls out an ASP baton. This kind of baton is considered as a controlled cutting weapon. It is very convenient to carry around and it is a favorite of a lot of bodyguards.

That bodyguard swings his baton towards Qin Chuan’s head ruthlessly.

Qin Chuan leans to the side and avoids the baton. At the same time, he karate chop the bodyguard on his nape. This position is linked to a person brain stem. When it receives an intense attack, it will generate a severe nerve electric current which will batter the brain, causing him to faint.

An experience mercenary had all went through neck chopping training once. Not only for resisting these kinds of attacks but at the same time, it is also to prevent the enemy from twisting their necks and killing them. While this bodyguard had never gone to a battlefield before, thus he had never gone through this kind of training. After receiving Qin Chuan’s neck chop, he immediately collapsed. After which Qin Chuan kicks that badly’s head cleanly which causes him to faint.

Seeing the two top grade bodyguards collapsed onto the ground, everyone in the room got stunned were stood. Only Zhang Dana who was hiding at the corner trembling in relief.

Mother ah, luckily I did not step forward…otherwise, the one who is lying there would have been me…

Qin Chuan deals with the two bodyguards as casually as throwing rubbish into the rubbish bin. He smiles merrily and says, “Right now can you guys listen to my explanation?”

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 12    [Frame]

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