MCW 11

Chapter 11    [Invite to drink]


Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet

Qin Chuan had a large number of dealings before and he was quite accurate with his judgment of people.

Jin Yang this kind of person is definitely not a broad hearted person. Seeing that narrow chink on his forehead Qin Chuan immediately knows that he is a damn narrow-minded person.

Especially since he was also pampered and spoiled since childhood. After being shamed by me, he is definitely harboring ill feelings.

Now that he is suddenly so enthusiastic out of a sudden, there is definitely something weird.

“Jin Yang that’s no good right.”

Qin Chuan regrets and says, “Drinking during work hours, what if we got caught by our Manager Zhang, wouldn’t I lose a layer of skin?”

“What are you afraid of!”

Jin Yang pats his chest, “Who am I, I am the son of the Operations Manager! That Zhang Dana also needs to give me some face when he sees me! Relax, leave this matter to me brother!”

Finished talking he tugs and pulls Qin Chuan into a lounge.

Imperial is a very large super department store. There are all kinds of facilities inside. So much so that there is even a small scale hospital inside. On the west side of the first-floor lounge, there’s a very luxurious VIP lounge. Outside there are two smiling beauties who are wearing Qipao. When they see Jin Yang and Qin Chuan, they immediately bowed 90 degrees with a smile.

“Mr Jin.”

The beauties did not seem to mind Qin Chuan who was wearing a security guard uniform, instead, they give Jin Yang a faint smile.

“Mm, I go in and take a look.”

Jin Yang straightens his collar, his handsome manner attracted the gaze of the two beauties.

“Forgot to tell you, right now I am the butler of the department store. Although it’s not a high position, but it is still very important.”

When Jin Yang said this he shows a delighted look.

“A department store also needs a butler?”

Qin Chuan feels that it’s a bit nonsensical. Wouldn’t that mean that going to a public bath to take a bath I would need to bring along a consultant?!

“What do you know…”

Just as Jin Yang was about to subconsciously berate Qin Chuan, he suddenly takes back his words and then pats Qin Chuan on his shoulders and says, “Brother Qin ah, you do not know. Our Imperial is a super department store. Every year there are a lot of people who spent over 100k over here, there are even some who spend over a million! Towards this kind of customers, we separate them into silver VIP and gold VIP! Us butlers were specially established for due to this. A silver butler will be in charge of 10 customers each, while a gold butler will be in charge of 3-5 customers. While there’s also the highest grade which is the diamond butler who is in charge of a single customer. Our Imperial’s objective is to make these VIPs feel like they get to enjoy the best treatment!”

“Isn’t this making privileges?”

Qin Chuan sneers, “Did not think that the department store also plays this trick.”

When Jin Yang hears this he instantly smiles and says in his heart, what do you know this country bumpkin dickhead.

Of course what he says is very warm, “Brother Qin, you do not know. Let me ask you a simple question. Do you know how much you have in your ATM card?”

Qin Chuan smiles, “How could I not know. 20-30 dollars! Damn it why do the ATM machines not spit out 10 dollar notes! Making it impossible for me to withdraw right now! If I want to withdraw over the counter I still need to line up!”

Jin Yang wipes off his sweat and says, “That’s right. You are able to remember, but these rich people, they themselves do not know how much money they have in their card. Because that figure is always changing thus they are unable to remember at all. These people are indifferent to the amount of money they earn. The money they earn is for a single purpose and that is to show that they stand out from the masses! While our department store shall reflect how they stand out from the masses!”

Qin Chuan says in his heart, even if you have money, you still need to have the life to spend it. I had no idea how many local tyrants I had killed. That major drug lord who chased after Vulture and I, I sprawled in the underbrushes for 7 days and night, got bitten by poisonous insects for many days and nights and finally I found the opportunity and killed him with a shoot.

If it’s not for the unique constitution that I had cultivated when I was young, I would have been eaten by the poisonous insects! Nowadays, social status is noble while human life is of little value.

A big local tyrant who is a tycoon is only worth a 50 cent bullet that’s all.

Jin Yang leads Qin Chuan and directly walks into a luxurious private room. This private room is definitely luxuriously configured. Dermis sofa, high-grade coffee table, there is even beautiful glass wall by the side! Inside is water and in the water was a few expensive tropical fish! Qin Chuan says in his heart, if I steal two back to sell, perhaps I would have gotten a windfall!

[Cry: Basically steal 2 fishes and sell them and get rich. In case someone did not get it]

[TL: By the way just in case you guys do not understand some tropical fish do cost a lot for example, Arowana, its price ranges from 150USD-30K++ USD]

Qin Chuan pulls out his handphone and seems to be looking at an SMS. After which he says casually, “Jin Yang, the two of us previously had some disagreement. Are you really going to treat me to a drink?”

“That right ah, without fighting how would we make friends!”

Jin Yang says enthusiastically, “In future, everyone is colleges we need to help each other out!”

“Then can’t we go out and find a small pub to have a drink, will we be fine in here?”

Qin Chuan blinks his eyes and asks, “Too luxurious already right…I had never been to such a good place before. Aiyah, a real leather sofa, how much does it cost? A few hundred right?”

Jin Yang rolls his eyes, this leather sofa is already 200k what few hundred! Indeed is an idiot!

But when the words reached his mouth it changed to, “Aiyah, Brother Qin, there is no need for you to be polite to me! I have a customer’s private room in this place which is usually given to me to take care of! I have the final say!”

“That what if CEO Wang blames me…”

“What are you afraid of. If anything happens I will take responsibility! With me Jin Yang here who can fire you! My father is the Operations Manager!”

Jin Yang pats his chest once again before taking out a red wine bottle from the ice bucket by the side and place on the table and open it.

“Come, try this 82 Chateau Lafite Rothschild. There are very few on the market, I also need to request from my friend to obtain it one.”

Saying finish he pours out half a cup and passes it to Qin Chuan.

Qin Chuan sneers in his heart, 82 Chateau Lafite Rothschild? Tsk the bottle is real but this wine is fake. The taste is wrong. Furthermore using an ice bucket to chill a Chateau Lafite Rothschild? Are you joking?

“I still have friends who are coming, you drink first, I go and fetch him.”

Jin Yang takes a sip of the red wine before standing up, “You don’t go out ah, after you leave this room it is no longer my territory. At that time if other people catch you I am unable to help you!”

“Okay, I know. You quickly go ahead.”

While Qin Chuan drinks the wine he nods his head dim-witted.

Jin Yang smirks secretly as he turns around and leaves the room.

Qin Chuan sits inside the private room and place down the wine cup. He pulls out a cigarette and lights it up.

Looks like there will be a show soon.

Just as he had lighted up his cigarette, the door to the private room was pushed open as a few figures walk in.

This peoples’ faces were ugly while Jin Yang is standing among them in delight. By his side, a handsome youngster is following him.

Wang Yue and Qian Jiao were also among them. Seeing Qin Chuan, Wang Yue’s eyebrow rises slightly while Qian Jiao blinks her eyes, darn it, this fellow really run to here!

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 11    [Invite to drink]

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