Chapter 1    [Beautiful Chairwoman]

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Qin Chuan lets out a big yawn.

Really is in a bad mood ah, so early in the morning and I had to come to this super department stall to wait for an interview.

Looking at the beautiful lady at the reception, Qin Chuan mutters apprehensively in his heart.

Why are the people at the reception all so fresh? This neckline is a bit too low right! Really do not know if she is here to receive customers or to hook up her superior.

Thinking about it, perhaps both are the same!

This kind standard lady, right now it is hard to find in the battlefield.

Qin Chuan recalls the only girl in their hired army…that scary African female dinosaur who cuts off her own breasts…he starts shivering all over.

Why does she want to cut off her breasts? Well, she finds that it is a hindrance!

Looks like coming back to H City is right!

Only these tender girl will be able to heal my scarred spirit ah..

At this moment the pencil in the reception lady’s hand drops down. She exclaims and walks out of the reception, bends down and picks up the pen.

She is only wearing a short skirt and with this bend, she completely reveals everything below.

Qin Chuan blanks out for a moment, isn’t this luring me to commit a crime! The girls nowadays really do not know shame. How can they wear such a short skirt!

Qin Chuan is indignant, this is really not right! If I have this kind of girlfriend I will definitely fiercely reprimand her!


Qin Chuan’s handphone accidentally drops onto the ground. He lowers his head to pick it up, at the same time he secretly glances under the skirt of the girl.

What the…it seems like it is it is really empty! What is this situation! Are girls nowadays so bold!

Qin Chuan sits for a while more and becomes impatient. Thus he asks the girl at the reception, “I say, I had already waited for an hour, why is it still not my turn ah?”

“What are you so anxious for, if you wish to find a job then obediently wait!”

The girl at the reception sneers and says impatiently, “Can’t you see that I am working, if you do not wish to wait then go back.”

What the, what is with this girl’s attitude!

Qin Chuan mutters apprehensively in his heart, this vacuum girl’s temper is rather big, don’t know if she recently had the bleeding DEBUFF!

There are still a lot of people waiting anxiously for the interview behind. But the interview speed is very slow. Every single one that goes in takes half a day, coming out their head is lowered in dejections. Qin Chuan though that after they enter, what they meet is not the interviewer but Yama the king of hell.

The march weather is very hot, Qiu Chuan specially wore a western suit. Inside is a white shirt with a bowtie. Currently, he is already hot enough.

If this goes on, he is afraid that he will become a cooked hot dog!

“Next one….Qin Chuan.”

The reception lady finally called his name as he pats his leg, “Damn it, finally reached my turn! If it still does not start I would have ascended already!”

He straightens his collar and prepares to go for the interview.

But at this moment from beside a person walks over and stands in front of him.

Upon seeing this person, the reception lady days in delight, “Ah! Young master Jin, you had finally arrived!”

“That’s right, today is a good day for my interview.”

The guy is wearing a white suit as he combs his hair. His hair is smeared with shiny hair old. “I cannot be late ah.”

Qin Chuan sneers, you had been fucking later for a few hours okay!

“Hehe, is there any need for young master Jin to take the interview, isn’t it already a guaranteed that you will enter the department stall.”

When that lady smiles, Qin Chuan feels like her smile had become slightly ugly. Could it be that this girl is doing it with this rich handsome guy!

“There is still a need to go through the formalities. I am a person who abides by the customs.”

Young master Jin clucks.

“Young master Jin indeed is role model. Quickly go in!”

The reception lady says and prepares to lead him into the office. Qin Chuan instantly becomes anxious and stretches out his hand to block.

“Oi, oi, oi. Your department store actually play the back door as well?”

He directly asks, “Shouldn’t it be my turn to be interviewed?”

“Tsk, do you know who this is!”

The reception lady rolls her eyes at Qin Chuan, “This one is the son of our company’s operation manager. He is already ready to enter the company unlike you this kind of old single guy who still wishes to apply to our company?”

“That’s right.”

Young master Jin sneers as well, “The department store is not a place where someone like you can enter. The neighborhood primary school is recruiting bodyguards. I see why don’t you go and hang around there while waiting to die. A month you be able to earn 2k or so which is enough for you this kind of person to spend.”

Qin Chuan frown, isn’t this brother’s words a bit too arrogant? Is being a rich second generation that cool?

“Quickly move aside and don’t block my road.”

As Young master Jin speaks, he stretches out his hand to push Qin Chuan aside.

But Qin Chuan is like an iron pillar. Young master Jin pushes a few times but is unable to move him at all!

“This fellow… body is so firm. Could it be that he did physical labor in a construction site before? What is the matter with the department store? I must go and tell the human resources how can they anyhow recruit people!”

Just as the two sides are in a deadlock, the door of the office is suddenly pushed open.

A top grade beauty walks out from inside. The interviewees outside who were originally drowsy become awake seeing this beauty!

“What a beautiful beauty ah!”

“It also seems like she is the company leadership…”

“Wah….if I can have this kind of beauty as a girlfriend…it is worth it to give up 30 years of life!”

The group of people starts discussing softly.

A guy who was originally drinking yogurt is stunned seeing this beauty coming out. His hand exerts strength on the yogurt and sprays onto his face.

When young master Jin sees her, his eyes immediately becomes straight.

Beauty ah! Top grade beauty! Why did I not meet this kind of beauty before!

Although he is the company’s operation manager’s son, he had only ‘talk’ with the reception lady and had never seen before the other people in the department store.

There is actually this kind of beauty ah, how can the reception lady compare to her!

Haha, I am a highly desirable bachelor, I must chase this girl into my hands! Not only this kind girl a 9 point beauty, her figure is also very sexy! Her chest is impressive, at the very least 34D!

Looking at that pair of legs, it is basically making people salivate!

This kind of beauty perhaps is the secretary of someone! Hehe, she definitely will not be able to escape from my palm!

“Chief, Chief Wang…”

Unexpectedly the reception lady actually respectfully greets the beauty.


This kind of beauty is actually one of the higher ups of the department store!

What the hell if I am able to obtain her, I will definitely be able to cut my struggles by 30 years!

Ms Perfect, this is the rumoured Ms Perfect ah!

Whoever who is able to get her, they will be able to reach the heavens with a single step!

Young Master Jin immediately straighten his necktie and then step forward and introduces himself, “Nice to meet you Chief Wang. I am Jin Yang, the son of Manager Jin…..”

“Qin Chuan, why are you still here, why are you not going hurrying in for the interview!”

Unexpectedly this beauty actually ignores that Young master Jin and says to Qin Chuan directly, “How long more do you want to make me wait!”


Everyone stares at Qin Chuan, just…what is the background of this fellow!

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Chapter 1  [Beautiful Chairwoman]


2 thoughts on “MCW 1

  1. How do these clowns become “Mercenary Kings” or “SSS Rank Assasins” if things like cutting the line annoy them? Ok, anyone would get pissed off by these young masters but c’mon! I’d get it if the MC has PTSD or gets triggered due to anger issues(like having serious killing urges) or even if he’s simply messing around and trolling but how the heck can someone who lets silly things get to their heads become a “Mercenary King” (I’m assuming he’s at the top not just because of his abilities but also due to his leadership but if it’s just the former then this is invalid and him being the way he is is not that farfetched) or an “SSS Rank Assasin” (No excuses with this one. Either PTSD or cool-headedness)?.


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