[S] RST: Chapter 55-60 (Dropped)

To all of my loyal Rebirth of the Super Thief reader, I thank all of you for your support throughout my 6 months translating this novel. I have decided to drop the novel, as I feels that there is no point continuing to translate a novel that is dropped by the author. Personally it is … Continue reading [S] RST: Chapter 55-60 (Dropped)

[S] RST: Chapter 54

Hi guys, Okay this is retarded... I still don't have internet!!! [Scheduled post] If you see this post, it means that the Pateron is not updated.[Scheduled post] Posting Schedules RST: one per week - Monday MKW: one per week - Thursday (will be increased in late September hopefully)   Check out my Patreon for more RST chapters … Continue reading [S] RST: Chapter 54