MKW: chapter 997 -chapter 1001

Beautiful!!! Today we are going all the way past chapter 1000!!! Honestly it has been a long journey for me, over three years of working on this project, 3 Years and 2 Months. This project is likely to be completed before the end of next year so for all of those who have remained till … Continue reading MKW: chapter 997 -chapter 1001

MKW: chapter 995 -chapter 996

As promised more chapters and with that I don't owe you guys anymore chapters!!! Yaah! Enjoy the chapters Check out my Patreon for up to 10 chapters for MKW in advance or to support me Do @me on discord if there is any mistake in the chapter or broken link P.S anyone wants to create the List … Continue reading MKW: chapter 995 -chapter 996