MKW Chapter 950

Chapter 950   [Title below]

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“No! I am a human!”

Little Black roars. He had already lost his reasoning.

The black centipede attacks Liu Yi madly, trying to bite him while the avatar behind Liu Yi’s back stretches out six arms and grabs the head of the centipede.

The enormous centipede struggles madly but is suppressed by Liu Yi’s avatar, unable to move forward.

The enormous black centipede suddenly opens its mouth and sprays out a poisonous black mist!

Liu Yi also opens his mouth and breathes out a squall!

The wind rushes out, scattering the black mist!

Little Black’s body had turned into its skeleton appearance. The black sword in his hand starts changing and transforms into a black scythe.

He charges at Liu Yi as he uses the scythe, like a grim reaper sweeping at Liu Yi’s head.

Liu Yi took out Sky Splitting Golden Spear and blocked Little Black’s attack.

The two of them exchange blows swiftly against each other while the black centipede fights against the avatar.

The avatar’s fist keeps landing on the black centipede, causing it to wail in anguish.

While Liu Yi’s Sky Splitting Golden Spear breaks through on the left, advances on the right, and finally knocks away Little Black’s scythe and stabs towards his stomach.

Little Black tosses away the scythe and allows Liu Yi’s Sky Splitting Golden Spear to stab through his stomach.

At the same time, a pair of red fire sword and blue ice sword appear in his hands before slicing towards Liu Yi.

Liu Yi frowns as two of his avatar’s arms grab the air, using Moon Dream Sutra to control the two unique swords.

“Take a good look at your current appearance!”

With that, an eye-catching golden sun erupts from Liu Yi’s back!

The avatar behind him also tore the black centipede into two!

At the same time, Liu Yi grabs hold of Little Black’s head with a hand and swiftly presses it down.

The surrounding scenery changes rapidly as the two of them slam down on top of a large empty plaza.

The ground trembles as a huge hole is created.

Little Black was battered into confusion by Liu Yi and almost became a shooting star when he fell from the sky.

Liu Yi grabs hold of Little Black’s head again before raising him. He then walked over to a mirror in the plaza.

“Take a look! Look at your appearance!”

Liu Yi raises Little Black in front of the mirror to let him take a good look at his current appearance.

Seeing himself in the mirror, the black skeleton-like appearance, he became baffled and shrieked.

Cracks instantly appear on the mirror before it shatters into small pieces.

Little Black roars unresigned. “It is you; it is your fault that I can’t become human!”

“Wake up!”

Liu Yi tosses Little Black onto the ground again, creating a hole.

He squats down and places his face close to Little Black before saying with a low voice with oppression, “The reason why you have become this is yourself! Because right now, what is in your heart is not a person but a scary demon!”

“Demon…I became a demon…”

Hearing this, the anger on Little Black’s face suddenly fell apart and became dazed.

The red lights in his eyes also dissipate bit by bit as his body also slowly calms down.

“If you wish to become a person, then you must first learn to live for other people!”

Liu Yi says coldly, “If you only have yourself in your heart, then you will never become a person!”

The angry roar of the black cloth man rings out in Little Black’s ear, “Don’t listen to him! He is leading you astray!”

Little Black’s eyes start to turn red again.

“Who are you!”

Liu Yi noticed something as he shouted!

All of his power erupt out, causing all of the windows in the surrounding to scatter!

A black shadow flies out from Little Black’s body, and Liu Yi immediately uses Moon Dream Sutra to grab hold of that shadow!

The shadow does not have any shape and only has a vaguely human appearance.

He keeps struggling like he wishes to break away from Liu Yi’s control.

“You are the one who confused Little Black!!!”

Liu Yi knows that this shadow is not the original body and won’t have any useful information from it; thus, he crushed it into pieces.

Liu Yi’s palm closes, and the shadow immediately explodes!

Almost at the same time, Gui Tongtian, who is hiding in his darkness space-time, vomits blood.

The eye-catching red blood stains the ground.

“Damn it…I let him see through my avatar!”

Gui Tongtian clenches his fist as his teeth itch with hatred.

“Damn it. A counterfeit is indeed a counterfeit! In the end, it is incapable of supporting the overall situation! It looks like the real demon is still his original self. It is best if I start from him.”

He wipes away the blood on his mouth and sits down in a lotus position and continues to cultivate the God Race Undying Body!

As long as I successfully cultivate the God Race Undying Body, I will no longer need to fear those Super Hunters!


Little Black starts to awaken slowly. But the moment he awakens, he turns pale with fright and climbs up and hugs Liu Yi’s tight and begs, “Master…I beg, save her…”


Liu Yi raises his eyebrow, not knowing what Little Black means.

“I, I like her…she is injured…”

Little Black implores, “I beg you, save her…”

In Little Black’s heart, his master has always been omnipotent.

Liu Yi sighs and helps Little Black to stand up.

“Let’s go. Bring me to her.”

Little Black nods his head and hurriedly flies into the sky.

Liu Yi uses Imperial Sword Technique and flies behind him, leaving behind the wrecked plaza.

The two of them are experts and fly very swiftly. Very quickly, they had returned to the bar where everything began.

At this moment, the drunk people still have not realized that there is a large hole in the ceiling of the bar. After all, this is the bar boss’s office, and no one dares to walk in casually.

The bar boss is still unconscious on the ground, unaware of his surroundings. He is perfectly fine, but he fainted from fear.

While beside the bar, boss lies a naked girl. On her chest is a hole, and underneath lies a pool of blood.

Liu Yi frowns as he looks at the girl who had died for a long time.

Little Black implores Liu Yi, “Master. I beg you, save her…”

“It is too late.”

Liu Yi sighs, “She has already died.”


Little Black collapses on his knees. His black skeleton eyes stare at Rosa, who is lying there, not moving.

He stretched out his hand and gently caressed Rosa’s face, not believing in everything that he saw.

“If you wish to become human, then this is something that a human must experience.”

Liu Yi says softly behind Little Black, “To be born, to grow old, to fall sick and to die. Separated in life and death. These are the emotions that humans need to experience. You have already experienced all of these; thus, you can be a real human.”

“I, I don’t want…”

Little Black holds his chest. Even though there is no heart there, he still feels very pained.

But all of this and everything seems to be no longer important.

Become human? Or become a god?

No, I only wish to be together with this woman.

Little Black kneels there and mutters, “If she can come back to life, it is no longer important if I can become a person or not.”

Hearing this, Liu Yi became startled.

“Looks like right now, you have already become a person.”

Liu Yi did not expect that Little Black had grown to this step of willing to sacrifice everything for the person he loves.

Little Black implores, “Master…I beg you, save her, please!”

Liu Yi asked his natal pet, “Are you willing to give up your opportunity to become a human for her?”

“I am willing.” Little Black nodded his head and did not even hesitate and says, “Even if I die, I will also not regret.”


Only then did Liu Yi say, “I can use your life to call her back. It also means that your vitality will be given to this woman. This way, it can call back her life force.”

This move was recently taught to him by Lin Tong.

Lin Tong jumps out and lands on the table by the side as she wags her tail and says, {Big idiot. You are using this move for the first time, not being proficient in it will harm your soul.}

As Liu Yi’s avatar, Little Black can see Lin Tong.

Hearing what Lin Tong says, he cannot help but be stumped for words.

Master is going to sacrifice his own soul? This woman is not related to him; how would it be possible for him to be willing to part with his own precious soul.

Unexpectedly Liu Yi did not even hesitate and said, “Not a problem. Let’s do it!”

Little Black is startled again.

{Hmph, I knew you would say this!}

Lin Tong shakes her head before passing this unique technique to Liu Yi.

This technique can only be used to revive an ordinary person who had just died recently, because an ordinary person’s soul is very weak; thus, it is very easy to be summoned back.

While saving this person’s life, another person needs to be sacrificed. Because souls need to be replaced by an equivalent value, and it is impossible to create something from nothing.

To go against nature, one must naturally offer back sufficient.

This offering is Little Black’s soul.

Although Liu Yi does not know what would be the consequences of letting his own avatar die, Liu Yi respects Little Black’s choice.

Little Black sits down peacefully beside Rosa. Liu Yi points a hand at Little Black and his other hand at Rosa.

“Taoist Laozi, come swiftly as orders!”

With Liu Yi’s command, Little Black’s body shudders violently.

While streams of black smoke were extracted from his body before transforming blue in the air and were sucked in Rosa’s nose.

Along with the black smoke flowing out and being breathed in, the hole of Rosa’s chest starts to heal up.

While Little Black’s lifeforce is becoming weaker and weaker, Liu Yi’s soul also slowly starts to feel acute pain.

Indeed it is a technique that is in defiance of natural law…its harm towards me is big…

Especially the dissipating of Little Black’s lifeforce. In the end, it still affects me. It is like a part of me had died!

Liu Yi laughs bitterly as he bears with this pain and continues to urge the spell.

“Recalling soul!”

He pulls out Charm Fox Sword before stabbing it into the ground in front of him.

Instantly a white light flies out from the sword into the clouds!


Chapter 950  [Recalling soul]

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  1. Man, I will miss Little Black…. not only did he was able to attain the human state and all, he would have become a real nice friend and all that… oh well.

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  2. Why on earth didnt he use the bar manager’s soul here, they clearly stated the bar manager is just unconscious. Using little black makes no sense, also when was this technique learned? What was even the point of this side arc, for him to learn this technique? What a total waste of potential content and story.


    • Oh and even if it couldn’t be a regular persons soul Liu Yi has collected and stored many souls of enemies throughout the story so far, could have used one of them. This was so dumb and full of holes.


  3. poor lil black..
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