MKW Chapter 934

Chapter 934  [Title below]


Looking at the dance floor that is filled with people, Little Black asks slowly, “Where…is this place…”

By this side sits a guy in a black suit. His features are very common. It is like if he was tossed into the crowd, no one would find him.

Such a common face is really average and not strange.

But it is this kind of guy who is accompanying by Little Black’s side.

“This place is a bar.”

The guy crosses his legs as he holds a cigarette in his hand as he replies with a smile, “If you wish to become a person then you must come here and get to know this place.”

“This place…is very messy…”

Little Black frowns like he does not like this place.

“The world of humans is like this.”

The guy takes a puff of cigarettes and says slowly, “Chaotic, utterly filled with filth and darkness.”

He breathed out a smoke ring, “Do you see this. How crazy are the people here.”

Little Black follows his finger and looks at the dance floor.

The guys and girls on the dance floor are crazily twisting and turning their bodies along with the music.

There are also a few people hiding by the corner trembling.

Little Black asks, “What…happened…to them…”

“They have taken too many drugs.”

The guy replies calmly, “Humans wish to pursue extreme happiness but they do not have any methods. Thus they can only seek drugs for help. But drugs can only allow them to reach extreme bliss temporarily. After this, it will only cause them once again to fall into hell. This is a human. Stupid and insatiable.”

“This…is a human…”

“That’s right. Do you still wish to be a human?”

Little Black is still firm, “I…wish to…”

Because his master is a human and only humans will have friends and can be companions.

“You are a unique existence.”

The guy flicks away his cigarette ashes and says, “Perhaps you can become the very noble god.”

“I…do not wish…to become…god…”

Little Black touches the bottle of wine in front of him, “I only wish….to become…human…”

“Okay. No matter what you choose, I will support you.”


The guy says to Little Black, “Because I am your companion, your good friend.”

Little Black’s voice contains some hesitation, “Good friend…”

“That’s right. We are good friends.”

The guy in suit nods his head and Little Black nods his head as well.

At this moment, two women walk over and sit by that guy and Little Black’s side.

This causes Little Black to feel unnatural.

These two people are the bar’s hostess. They are wearing short skirts revealing their white tights.

The woman who approaches the guy in the suit is clearly not doing this for the first time. After she walks over, she immediately leans into his embrace before saying cutely, “Let us drink, the loser shall sing the Three Bears song!”

“You are  mischievous.”

The guy in the suit is not polite. His hand slips into her collar and kneads as he wishes.

The girl moans as her charming eyes narrow.

Watching him, Little Black also turns around to look at his female companion.

He raises his hand and strokes the girl’s bosom.

His female companion’s face turns slightly red and looks uneasy.

“Are people…all like this…”

“So-sorry…I had just started this line not long ago…”

Little Black becomes curious and asks, “Why…did…you want…to do this job…”

The girl lowers her head and says, “Because I wish to earn money…My family is poor so I can only drop out of school and do this.”

“Is money…so important?”

“Perhaps sir feels that it is not important.” The girl’s expression is dim, “But to us, it is very important…”

Little Black says blankly, “I….do not know…the importance…of money…”

“Sir must be a big boss.”

The girl looks at Little Black with some envy, “Being a boss is good, you never had to fret over money.”

“What…is your name?”

The girl says her name, “I am called Rose. You can call me Sasa.”


Little Black repeats this name. As he calls it, he suddenly smiles.


“Hehe. Your voice is very magnetic sir.”

The girl smiles. Her smile is very pretty causing Little Black to be slightly dazed seeing it.

Rose asks, “Then boss, what is your name?”

“I am called…Little Black.”

“Little Black? This name is very strange!”

Little Black tilts his head to the side and asks her, “Is it…very strange?”

“It’s right. It is strange…but it is also quite unique.”

Rose smiles again, “Why don’t I call you Brother Little Black in the future.”


Little Black also seems to be slightly happier.

“Ah, Brother Little Black, wait a moment. It is going to be my turn to dance on the stage.” Rosa stands up, “You must watch my performance.”

She turns around and walks towards the dance floor.

In the center of the dance floor is a small stage on which several pretty girls will take turns dancing on it.

This time around, it is Rosa’s turn. She got up the stage and started dancing to the tempo of the music.

That girl’s dance is quite nice to see and has a very rhythmic feel. Her figure is also not bad thus for a moment, she attracted the line of sight of a lot of the people below.

The guy in suit smiles at Little Black and says, “That lass of yours is not bad.”

“Sir, I need to use the ladies.”

The girl in his embrace stands up and walks to the toilet.

She pulls out a rather special cigarette from her pocket and starts smoking it.

It seems like due to the cigarette, the more she smokes, the more delighted she becomes.

Finally, she sits on the toilet bowl trembling non-stop.

At this moment, the guy in the suit who is sitting on the sofa laughs coldly, “Humans… hehehe…”

The dance song changes after ten minutes and Rosa jumps off the stage and returns to the booth.

Being more familiar with him now, Rosa lightly hugs Little Black’s arm and asks him, “Brother Little Black, my dance was nice right?”


Little Black nods his head.

“Then you must come to watch me in the future!”

Rosa leans against Little Black. She feels that this guy can give her a safe feeling that she has never felt before.

“I….will definitely…come…”

Little Black nods his head and Rosa immediately smiles in happiness.

At this moment, an intoxicated drunkard suddenly walks over.

He is holding a beer bottle in his hand while he places his other hand on Rosa’s shoulder.

“Lass, sitting here is meaningless. Come, come and accompany me!”

“Who are you, scram! I am not going!”

Rosa panics and pushes away that guy’s hand.

The drunkard is instantly angered and grabs hold of Rosa’s hair and starts scolding.

“Fucking stinky prostitute! You are acting like a pretentious bitch in front of me? Today I shall fucking beat you!”

As the drunkard speaks, his palm slaps towards Rosa.

At this moment, Little Black is already standing up. He stretches out his hand and grabs hold of that drunkard’s wrist.

The drunkard glares at Little Black fiercely, “Who the fuck are you! Are you going to meddle in my business?”

Rosa’s hair is still being held by that drunkard as she cries while saying, “Brother Little Black, Brother Little Black…save me…”

“Let her…go!”

Little Black exerts strength with his palm and that drunkard’s wrist starts making cracking sounds.

Clearly, the bone being broken!

How painful is it to have your bone broken? At that very least it will cause an ordinary person to faint!

Although the drunkard did not faint, he starts screaming as tears and mucus flows down.


Little Black raises a leg and kicks that drunkard’s chest causing him to fly out and smashes into a table.


“Gods they are fighting!”

“Quickly watch the show!”

The surrounding people start becoming messy.

“Looks like he is becoming closer and closer to a human.”

A trace of delight flashes across the eyes of the guy in the suit.

“Fucking hell! How dare he take action on our brother!”

“Smash him to death!”

A few burly guys who are clearly the drunkard’s companions immediately walk over while glaring like a tiger watching their prey.

The surrounding bartenders start approaching to soothe things over.

The guy in the suit who is holding his wine cup says slowly, “Let them fight. I will compensate for the losses.”

A few burly fellows had already reached Little Black. Little Black instantly kicks the large stone table.

The tabletop instantly flies up and knocks into those burly fellows.

Such a heavy stone tabletop was actually kicked flying so casually causing the surrounding customers to be stunned.

Rosa covered her mouth in shock.

Little Black stretches out his hand and lightly touches Rosa’s cheek, “No one…will dare to touch you now.”

Rosa is slightly stunned as she kneels there looking at Little Black.


Seeing this scene, the guy in suit continues to sip his wine.

“What interesting creatures.”

Little Black carries Rosa back onto the sofa. Those burly guys are lying on the ground and might not get up for a while.


When Little Black’s side is in a fight, on Liu Yi’s side, he is currently staring at Ao Susu dumbstruck.

“What? Little Black ran away?”

“That’s right…”

Ao Susu’s complexion is somewhat ashamed, “It is my fault…I was unable to make him stay.”

“No worries…it is not your fault. It is just that I am amazed.”

Liu Yi holds his forehead and is unable to think of the reason behind it no matter how he thinks.

“That Little Black should be your natal pet right?” Ai Ling asks, “Why would he run away?”

“How would I know…”

Liu Yi suddenly raises his head and looks at Ai Ling.

“How did you know about Little Black? How did you also know that he is my natal pet?”


Ai Ling also frowns, “That’s right. How did I know…”

Liu Yi is slightly emotional as he holds Ai Ling’s hand and asks, “Did you recall something?”

A pair of blood-red manacles instantly chains up his wrist as Ai Ling says in anger, “Who asked you to touch me! You pervert!”

“Damn it…”

Liu Yi wants to cry but has no tears.

Who asked Little Lass’s cultivation to be so much stronger than mine. It is making me gloomy.

“What are you doing!”

Ao Susu immediately raises her new lance, “Let him go!”

Ai Ling says with sarcasm, “You have a lot of flower protectors.”

“Susu, it is alright.” Liu Yi hurriedly stopped Au Susu, “It was indeed me who is being rude.”

Ao Susu stares at Liu Yi in shock, “What? This is the first time I see you giving in! That woman is also rather mystical. Who is she?”

“She?” Liu Yi laughs bitterly, “She is my creditor.”


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