MKW Chapter 827

Chapter 827  [Title below]


Buddhist Qi can restrain all ghosts and monsters!

Even these Netherworld Ghost Soldiers must also fear Buddhist qi!


Seeing his Netherworld Ghost Soldiers unable to take a single blow from Liu Yi and escape back into his ring, he is startled and stood up from his dragon throne.

Liu Yi keeps away his Scorpion Tail Lance and shrugs his shoulders as he says, “I told you. You see, you always keep disbelieving.”

“But that ring of yours is not bad. Why don’t you gift it to me?”

“Want this Emperor’s Ghost Imprisoning Ring? Dream on!”

Sea Ghost Emperor’s mood is horrible as this person in front of him makes him very upset!

“Originally this emperor did not wish to take action personally. But you shall die in this emperor’s hand!”

As Sea Ghost Emperor speaks, he walked down from the dragon throne as a powerful aura erupts out from his body.

“You should have never come to Fengdu City. Today shall be your death date!”

He beckons towards the sky!

An enormous moonlight sword lends in his hand and it carries even more pressure than the one used by Ye Heng!

As one’s cultivation increases, this moonlight sword also strengthens as well.

“It is your glory to die under this emperor’s sword!”

Sea Ghost Emperor leaps and appears in front of Liu Yi as his moonlight sword slices at his head.

Liu Yi summons out his two Fire God Swords and blocks that enormous moonlight sword.

A heavy clashing sound!

Enormous shockwave erupts from between their swords attacking the surrounding.

The surrounding ground sinks down leaving behind an enormous hole.

The shockwave continues to spread outwards and very quickly hits the Sky Flipping Seal by the side.

The entire Sky Flipping Seal also starts undulating. After all, along with the increase of Liu Yi’s and his opponent’s cultivation base, Sky Flipping Seal’s grade can no longer keep up.

This thing is unable to defend against something too powerful. Especially Sea Ghost Emperor’s strength which makes it unable to withstand.

The slaves inside exclaim in shock seeing this undulation and feels like the end of the world is coming.

The sculptures also totter among the shockwave making Liu Yi frown. If this goes on, it does not seem beneficial to the ‘observers’.

Liu Yi pretends to be strained as he retreats before turning around and flies into the sky.

“Hahaha! Where can you escape to! Today is your death date!”

Sea Ghost Emperor thought that Liu Yi ran away in fear, thus he also flies up as well, jumping into the sky.

He chases behind Liu Yi as fast as lightning.

Liu Yi brings Sea Ghost Emperor in this manner and flies into Fengdu City.

Fengdu City is very big and there are a lot of places that are uninhabited.

Tall buildings surround them. Liu Yi who is standing on Xiao Taiji scuttles among these tall buildings.

Normally Liu Yi’s speed is faster than a fighter jet. But it is very easy to crash and splatter flying at full speed in this kind of city.

The rest of the cultivators are the same as well. Under such high speed, perhaps they would be bashing through the buildings.

Liu Yi who possesses the black and white world, cant be obstructed by the buildings.

In his eyes, the entire world was slowed down.

He keeps dodging the buildings while behind him, Sea Ghost Emperor who is chasing him is not that agile.

His body keeps crashing against the tall buildings before bashing through and is no different from a destroyer!

“Where do you still wish to escape to?”

Sea Ghost Emperor seems to be impatient with chasing after Liu Yi and swings his hand at a building in front of Liu Yi.

With a rumble, that building explodes and collapses before collapsing on Liu Yi.

“What the fuck!”

Liu Yi does not know that Moon Dream Sutra can be used like this. He instantly came to a stop before yelling. His entire person turned into an enormous golden man over ten meters tall. The then swings his hand at Sea Ghost Emperor behind him.

This building is as impressive as a concealed weapon and is very enormous as it smashes down.

“Hmph! Insignificant talent!”

Sea Ghost Emperor waves his hand and that enormous building instantly flies to the side, smashing another building.

The two buildings crash against each other causing Liu Yi to be stunned.

What the fuck…this Moon Dream Sutra is too perverted!

To manipulate other objects, this technique is no different from a god.

No wonder this technique can fight against Nine Yang God Qi. It looks like what Ye Heng said is not wrong.

“Die for this emperor!”

Sea Ghost Emperor also stopped as he strengths out his hand and grabs the empty space by two sides.


His hands suddenly clap together as two buildings also fly towards Liu Yi smashing at him.

Sea Ghost Emperor roars in anger, “Let’s see if you will die or not this time around!”

While the two buildings did not really smash against each other, as there is a small, small gap.


Sea Ghost Emperor got a huge shock. Only at this time, he saw that Liu Yi is wearing red and blue armor. His figure also seems to have become bigger by quite a bit. His hands press against the buildings and is using his flesh body to stop the two buildings.

“What is your background!”

This person’s flesh body and strength are powerful to this point! Furthermore, he is so young, how did he cultivate it one!

“Talking about this, I am quite fated with your Qin Imperial Palace.”

Liu Yi’s hands press against the buildings like he is not exerting any strength.

“What fate?”

Fear seems to flash across the Sea Ghost Emperor’s eyes.

“You do not wish to know.”

Liu Yi easily captures that fear in Sea Ghost Emperor’s eyes and his heart moved.

Liu Yi asks, “I know. You are afraid of Qin Imperial Palace. correct?”

“What a joke. How would this emperor be afraid of Qin Imperial Palace!”

Sea Ghost Emperor trembles before sneering, “This emperor is the strongest in the Ten Heavenly Stems! If that Emperor Qin did not rely on me, how would he defeat the other six kingdoms! We had risked our lives to help him conquer the world and in the end, he wished to call himself an emperor! And we are his slaves? Hahahaha! Based on what!”

Liu Yi raises his eyebrow and asks, “Thus you betrayed Emperor Qin?”

“This emperor chose my own path!”

Sea Ghost Emperor laughs sinisterly, “This world should be this emperor’s! Just like Fengdu City! You see how beautiful this place is! It is like heaven!”

“The heaven in your heart is a bit too low!”

Liu Yi mocks, “This is also called heaven? It is even more boring than hell.”

“What do you know!”

Sea Ghost Emperor roars in anger, “These ignorant and weak slaves. Only an expert like this emperor can rule them, can make them live better!”

“Right now it is no longer the era of emperors.”

Liu Yi retorted, “It is also not an empire anymore. In this current era, everyone is equal.”

“Equal? Are you joking?”

Sea Ghost Emperor says mockingly, “How is it possible for this world to have equality? These slaves, mortals, they are so weak, they are cowardly. They are blind and are directionless! They need the existence of an expert like this emperor to let them feel safe!”

“What a joke. Who do you think you are?” Liu Yi finally cannot take it and mocks, “Really think that you are the ‘Son of Heaven’? Nothing but a thief who steals the cultivation of others.You can only bully these mortals and ghosts. If you have the capability why don’t you challenge Qin Imperial Palace? If you have the capability then revive Emperor Qin and fight against him!”

“You think that this emperor is afraid of Emperor Qin?”

Sea Ghost Emperor roars in anger, “You think that this emperor does not wish to go out? This emperor had been wishing day and night to leave this place but that damn barrier is blocking this emperor!”

Liu Yi laughs and says, “I feel that you shouldn’t be locked here.”

Sea Ghost Emperor asks in shock, “You also acknowledge this emperor?”

Liu Yi adds on, “That right. You should be in hell.”

“You are sick of living!”

Sea Ghost Emperor instantly explodes in anger as he exerts strength and closes his hands together.

The two buildings do their best to crush Liu Yi while Liu Yi’s body explodes with its greatest strength and crushes the two buildings with his hand.

The two buildings turn into broken pieces and fall onto the ground.

“You will not escape!”

Sea Ghost Emperor stretches out his hands and grabs hold of two moonlight swords and charges at Liu Yi.

What the heck. This brother dares to be even more valiant!

No wonder he dares to challenge Emperor Qin. He does have some capability.

Looks like I have to take out my real ability as well then.

“Then I shall play with you.”

As Liu Yi speaks, nine golden suns shoot out from his back.

His entire body is covered with golden splendor like a golden wargod!

This causes the Sea Ghost Emperor to be shocked as his eyes nearly pop out.

“Nine Yang God Qi!

“It is indeed Nine Yang God Qi!”

Liu Yi winks at Sea Ghost Emperor before summoning out Sky Splitting Golden Spear in his left hand!

An enormous sound rings out as Sky Splitting Golden Spear blocks the two moonlight sword.

“Sk-sky Splitting Golden Spear! How is the Thunder God related to you!”

Right now, Sea Ghost Emperor’s emotion can no longer be described with shock. This is…something that is completely incomprehensible!

“If you insist on asking then I should be considered as the one who killed Thunder God.”

“What? Killed Thunder God? Just you?”

Sea Ghost Emperor more or less know about Thunder God’s might. After all back then he had also fought against the Six God Races with Emperor Qin!

Honestly back then Emperor Qin should be the final winner but because I was afraid that Emperor Qin’s strength would be excessively huge and forever over me, thus at the crucial point, I betrayed Emperor Qin. I secretly sabotaged him and caused him and the God-Emperor to both be heavily injured.

This caused Emperor Qin to have no choice but to seal himself otherwise he would die.

Perhaps right now the Ten Heavenly Stems have all revived and are now hurrying to revive their emperor.

Hmph, these stupid loyal slaves!

“Just this bit of strength and you also wish to resist the Thunder God? Thunder God can squish you to death with just a finger!”

“Perhaps back then you were also the same, right?”

Liu Yi says in his heart, nothing but a group of old fellows who started cultivating a few thousand years earlier than me.

“Right now aren’t you also a stray dog?”

“You’re seeking death!”


Chapter 827  [A real man does not boast about his past achievements]

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