MKW Chapter 253

Chapter 253 – [Escaping from a calamity]


Liu Yi looks at the hestitaing girls and deepens his voice, “I hope that this year we can enjoy our time together and play happily during the temple fair.”


As Wang Yuzheng places Liu Yi in the center, she is the first to stretch out her hand and places it on top of Liu Yi’s hand.

“This lady is always very generous, so let’s just stroll around together then!”

Murong Die sneers but places her hand between Liu Yi and Wang Yuzheng’s hands.

“Yuzheng, this fellow is very perverted. To prevent him from taking advantage of you let his lady protect you!”

“Hehe, Lele also like lively matters!”

As Wang Lele speaks, she places her hands on top as well.

“Looks like you have escaped a calamity.”

Lin Tong sneezes in boredom and lies on Liu Yi head to sleep.

After seeing the end result, Liu Yi finally loosened his breath.

Bloody hell…I finally manage to settle it…

Being a man is indeed not easy ah!

Sometimes having too much romantic luck might change into romance calamity ah…

While Liu Yi is sighing in sorrow, another hand suddenly appears and places on top of their hands.

“Since it is so lively how about including me?”

Yuan Zhenyue looks at Liu Yi in dissastification, “I also come to tonight’s temple fair on my own okay!”

“Why did Sister Yuan come on your own ah?”

Wang Yuzheng is shock as she does not understand why on earth such a beautiful and capable policewoman came to the temple fair on her own!

“It must be because of her strong killing aura and she looks so fierce…thus no man dares to hang out with her!” Liu Yi whispers softly into Wang Yuzheng’s ear.

Yuan Zhenyue ears are very sharp. When she hears what Liu Yi said, she grabs Liu Yi’s ear with her fingers and twists them as she ask: “Stinky fellow! What did you say!”

“Pain, pain pain….”

Liu Yi immediately begs for forgiveness, “Sister Yuan is the most beautiful police flower, thus it must be you who disdained those chasing you! Thus you came to the temple fair alone!”

“Heng at least this time what you say is much more reasonable.”

Yuan Zhenyue nods her head in satisfaction and released Liu Yi’s ear.

“So I shall be joining you guys strolling around the temple fair, after all the more the merrier.”

“Yah, yah!”, Wang Lele claps her hands as she loves lively matters the most.

When there are more people, then it would be interesting ah!

While Murong Die instantly glares at Wang Lele before secretly pouting at Wang Lele.

This shocked Wang Lele awake as she seems to recall something before covering her mouth in horror not daring to speak.

“Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go and play that! I have been eyeing that for a while already! You guys help me cheer! I also want to win that big prize back!”

Yuan Zhenyue did not know that there is something going on nor did she notice Murong Die and Wang Lele’s expression.Done speaking, she pulls them to a stall.

The moment the stall owner sees Liu Yi and his group coming over, his face immediately turns white.

He immediately closes the stall and hangs up a sign,

‘Temporary closed to reorganize!’

“Weh! Such a party pooper!”

Yuan Zhenyue pouts while Liu Yi thinks in his heart, I have already won two of this fellow’s big prize of course he will close his shop the moment he sees me!

If I continue to win more, he will really cry.

The five of them eventually leave the hoop throwing stall and stroll around the temple fair.

As they walk, they sees lots of games as well as all kinds of food.

Liu Yi can feel that the girls are laughing at the bottom of their heart while being happy on the outside.

This is also good…after all isn’t the goal accompanying them out to play.

Originally the four girls are not really close but very quickly they become friends.

Liu Yi sighs, indeed women are a very mysterious creature.

If two men want to become good friends, they need to have a fight or visit the same prostitute.

[TL: … erm not really understanding the last part but yeah…]

But to make two women become close friends…perhaps strolling down the street together will be enough.

While the girls are looking around an accessory stall, Wang Lele suddenly speaks up, “That…Sister Yuan…”

“What is the matter ah Lele, just say it.” Yuan Zhenyue is measuring a lily brooch to her chest as she says, “Just ask me whatever question you have. Ai this brooch is not suitable for me, only Lele who has a large chest looks nice with it ah…”

She touched her not really filling chest while staring at Wang Lele chest.

“That, Sister Yuan, earlier that Blood Emperor that saved us at La Scala…who on earth is he?”

Wang Lele’s question stunned Liu Yi for a moment.

Why would this lass suddenly inquire about this!

“Blood Emperor?”

When Yuan Zhenyue hears this name, she instantly clenches her fist.

“That despicable person….”

“Eh? What is the matter?” ask the three girls in shock.

That Blood Emperor should be their life saver ah…

But why is it that when Yuan Zhenyue mentions him, she is so angry…

“That despicable person…”

Yuan Zhenyue tightens her fist as she grinds her teeth.

“That despicable person is completely our headache!”

“Why does Yuan Zhenyue say so?”

Wang Lele does not understands, thus she ask, “That mysterious Blood Emperor saved our lives.”

“That’s right, that’s right! But why would he become Sister Yuan’s trouble?”

Murong Die also does not understand the problem.

Wang Yuzheng hugs the big doll as she says firmly but softly: “He saved me before…”

Yuan Zhenyue waves her hand and says: “I know.”

Liu Yi by the side openly eavesdrops on their conversation.

“Although Blood Emperor has saved people’s lives a few times, but his existence is a dangerous time bomb!”

Yuan Zhenyue explains, “Any armed force that is not under the control of the government are hidden threats to society! This Blood Emperor is also the same. Today maybe he is on the good side and saved you. But perhaps there might be a day when his nature changes or his mood changes and he’ll do things that are harmful to society.”

Murong Die suddenly says firmly: “I believe that Blood Emperor will not do such things!”

“Sister Die, you are to kind-hearted and innocent.”

Yuan Zhenyue smiles and says: “Let’s use me as an example then. I have abilities which can be used to catch the bad guys earlier, but I can also use it to bully innocent people like you girls.”

Wang Lele immediately says: “Sister Yuan will definitely not do it as you are a police officer ah!”

“That is right. It is because I am a police officer thus I am part of the government armed forces that protect the public safety and livelihood!”

Yuan Zhenyue nods her head and says: “It is exactly because I am a public police officer, thus I dare to use my ability to protect you girls! But Blood Emperor what does he count as? No organisation and no discipline, his existence to us is a timebomb!”

“So serious?”

Wang Lele narrows her eyes, “I feel that Blood Emperor is rather good ah…like what Sister Die says he is a rather good person!”

Yuan Zhenyue arches her eyebrows and says: “A person’s subjective judgement can be wrong…”

It is not really clear if she says it to the girls or herself.

At this moment, Liu Yi who is by the side suddenly speaks up. “But Yuan Zhenyue, even if the person is a public police officer, she also cannot casually tag an innocent person as a bad ah.”

“Yuan police lady hates Blood Emperor so much and says you want to capture him. Then I as Blood Emperor’s fan likes to ask you, what crimes did Blood Emperor commit? To make you want to capture him as soon as possible?”


Yuan Zhenyue sinks into an impasse as she thinks.

What crimes had Blood Emperor committed before?

If I think properly…it seems like he did not do anything that should make me have such hatred…

Especially that time when we fight…to prevent me from getting injured he risked his body to go against the tide and took injures to resolve my disaster.

Actually in Yuan Zhenyue’s heart, she feels that Blood Emperor is perhaps a good person…

But…this person must be captured!

There is not reason. It is my task as a policewoman!

Everything that might harm society I must get rid of!

Yuan Zhenyue finally roughly sums up Blood Emperor ‘crimes’ and says: “He disturbed the public security as well as deliberately killing people.”

Liu Yi can only shrug his shoulders, “Fine then…whatever you say it is then…”

He did not think that what he did was wrong, after all there are some crimes that the police are completely unable to solve.

While Blood Emperor is the judge within the darkness. He wants to let his name spread throughout the whole of China,even the six realms.

At that time all of the bad people who hear his name will be struck with terror!

What Liu Yi wish for is this kind of effect!

“Do not be unconvinced, you are still small so there are a lot of things that you do not understand about the world.”

Yuan Zhenyue enlightened Liu Yi, “When you are older, you will slowly understand them.”

Liu Yi is helpless, what the heck, this lord is not small!

That place is not small okay!

At this moment, Murong Die seems to have recalled something and suddenly grabs Wang Lele’s arm and says: “Oh right, that… Sister Yuan, Liu Yi, Yuzheng I need to go to the toilet, you guys wait for us. We will be back soon.”

Wang Lele also nods her head and says: “Ah! Right! We’ll go to the toilet and be back in a bit. You all play here for a while.”

Done speaking the two girls disappear into the crowd.

While Yuan Zhenyue secretly pushes Liu Yi slightly and says softly: “Not bad eh…little fellow. After not meeting for a few days and you became even better ah…not only do you know how to fight you also know how to chase girls eh?”

“Not, not at all!”

Liu Yi says softly in embarrassment: “I am here as a friend only…”

“Are you sure?”

Yuan Zhenyue arches an eyebrow and says: “If you are not?”

Liu Yi raises his right hand and says loudly: “If I am not then I’ll call you wife!”

Instantly Yuan Zhenyue’s hand moved to her pistol at the back of her waist.

“What the hell! What are you doing?!?!?!”

“Taking liberties of police officer! Execute by firing squad on the spot!”


Chapter 253- [Escaping from a clamity]

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  1. Yuan Zhenyue…..really could have argued better. She had some valid points but I guess the author wants to make her look like a stubborn idiot.


  2. She isn’t in her uniform, nor during the working hours. Hiding behind her job in this situation is just cowardly. Not to mention using the issued handgun to bully civilians.


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