MKW Chapter 1123


Chapter 1123  [Title below]
Translator: SkyFuji
Editor: KG


When Duan Chou walks into the courtyard, he realizes the not small yard is filled with people.

Among these people are his disciples as well as Yang Family’s law enforcers and even celestial soldiers!

Especially the celestial soldiers, there are countless of them which surround the courtyard.

In the center of the courtyard stands a man wearing a phoenix hat in golden armor. This man has a majestic appearance and his eyes bright and full of expression,

Standing there, it seemed like heaven and earth had dimmed.

Seeing him, Duan Chou instantly frowns and says emotionally, “What a powerful fellow.”

Ying’er cannot help but ask, “Master? Who is he?”

“If master did not guess wrong, he should be the most powerful man from the Heavenly Court, Erlang Shen, Yang Jian.”

“He, he is Yang Jian?”

When Ying’er heard what Duan Chou says, she instantly became startled before giving Yang Jian a few more glances.

“He looks quite decent but, I feel that he has a kind of smell that I hate!” Said Ying’er with dissatisfaction, but she quickly becomes worried, “Eldest Senior brother…will he be in danger…”

“With me around, I will not let him be in danger.”

As Duan Chou speaks, he walks forwards.

“Excuse me, Lord Erlang, for not going out to meet you as I did not know that Lord Erlang has arrived.”

Glancing at Duan Chou, Erlang sneers, “The sect head of Netherworld Sect? I didn’t expect that you were so weak. How disappointing.”

Duan Chou’s eyebrow twitches, but he endured it and cupped his hands.

“This one’s cultivation is weak. Naturally, it is not worth mentioning to Lord Erlang.”

Erlang Shen does not care as he says coldly, “You small fry should scram to the side. If you do not wish to die, then hand over the wanted criminal!”

Seeing his disciples being surrounding by Celestial Soldiers, Duan Chou endures his anger and says, “Apologies, Lord Erlang, this one does not know what you are talking about.”

Erlang Shen suddenly appears beside Duan Chou and punches him on his stomach.

Duan Chou was immediately smashed, flying away, and crashes into the wall behind. He hangs from there, unable to come down.


Seeing their sect head being sent flying away, the group of disciples shriek.


Ying’er body turns soft from fear. While Wang Ming and Li Kai immediately let out a snarl of anger and charges at Erlang Shen.

But Erlang Shen only stomps his foot and lets out a cold snort.

The aura of a fourth layer of heaven expert spread out and pressures down on everyone.

A fourth layer of heaven expert is simply too powerful!

Everyone is pressed onto the ground and does not have the strength to stand up.

“If you do not hand over Liu Yi, all of you shall die!”

Erlang Shen’s third eye slowly opens as a golden pupil lets out an eye-catching radiance causing the people to be unable to open their eyes!

“I don’t have much patience!”

Erlang Shen says coldly, “All of you only have a single chance! If you do not hand over Liu Yi, all of you shall die!”

Duan Chou did not say anything, and Erlang Shen raises his hand and points his spear at a disciple behind him.

That disciple’s body was instantly torn apart and turned into a floor covered with minced meat!

The rest of the disciples were badly frightened. Some of them started crying while others pee in their pants in fear!

“Master, master, say it! I beg you!”

“Master, I do not wish to die!”

These disciples started crying as they beg Duan Chou.

Duan Chou frowned deeply. At this instant, he feels like a sinner.

Bearing with the grief, Duan Chou snarls, “Yang Jian. Just come at me! Why are you going after those innocent disciples!”

Erlang Shen laughs loudly, “Hahahaha, it is because I am powerful!”

Erlang Shen says impolitely, “Because I am the strongest, everything that I say goes! I can kill whoever I want!”

“Even if you kill us all, I cannot hand over Liu Yi’s location.” Duan Chou says, “Liu Yi had come, but he stopped by for a while before leaving.”

“Nonsense!” Erlang Shen sneers, “My men had blocked up all of Buddha Stupa City’s exits, and no one can escape out! Liu Yi is clearly still inside this Netherworld Sect’s courtyard!”

Duan Chou says, “If you do not believe me, you can search yourself.”

“Do you think that I am stupid? You have hidden him away!”

Erlang Shen points at his third eye, “This third eye of mine can see through everything! But I did not find Liu Yi, so it means that you should have hidden him inside an illusion barrier!”

The only thing that Erlang Shen cannot see, though, is the illusion barrier technique which is his shortcoming.

“How would this kind of small sect of mine have the ability to create an illusion barrier.”

Duan Chou continues, “Lord Erlang, perhaps he has not left very far away yet. It will not be too late if you go and chase after him.”

“Not going to say?”

Erlang Shen points with his spear again, and yet another disciple explodes into minced meat.

“Yang Jian!” Duan Chou’s eyes turn red, and started scolding, “I will kill you!”

He struggled out from the walls before using Netherworld Thirteen Hands and claws at Erlang Shen.

“Hmph, jumping clown!”

Erlang Shen extends his hand in disdain and raises his spear and stabs it into his stomach, and raises him into the air.

Duan Chou’s strength is not able to block him. After Erlang Shen had sucked away all of Liu Yi’s cultivation, his own cultivation had broken through to the fourth layer of heaven, and there is basically no one in the Heaven Realm who can defeat him. Although Duan Chou’s cultivation is considered not bad, in front of Erlang Shen, he is not worth mentioning.

“Liu Yi!”

Holding Duan Chou up, Erlang Shen uses immortal qi to power his voice and says loudly, “Your master is in my hands and is about to die. Could it be that you are going to be a coward?”

Vomiting out blood, Duan Chou says, “He, he is not around…”

“Shut up!”

Erlang Shen swung his spear and tossed Duan Chou to the side, leaving behind a trail of blood.

“Liu Yi, if you don’t come out, I shall kill everyone here!”

Erlang Shen suddenly pointed his spear at Ying’er, “Starting with this girl here!”

While at this moment, a familiar voice suddenly came from above him.

“The person you are looking for is me. Release them.”

Everyone looks up and realizes that Liu Yi is standing on top of the roof.

“Eldest Senior Brother…”

Ying’er had already made the preparation to die. But when she sees Liu Yi, her heart trembles.

“Idiot disciple, why did you come out!”

Duan Chou says anxiously, “Master is already very old and has lived long enough! You shouldn’t die! You still have things to do!”

“Master, it is my fight.”

With that, Liu Yi’s gaze lands on Erlang Shen.

Seeing Liu Yi come out, Erlang Shen cannot help but start laughing loudly.

“Liu Yi. You finally came out! Very good. Today shall be your death date!”

“Although I do not recognize who you are, it looks like we are enemies.”

A diamond imprint appears between his brows as he revolves his strength to the peak.

The 5 sun jades in his body revolve as his 36 Tiangang swords were also summoned out.

“Don’t recognize me? You don’t recognize me?”

Hearing what Liu Yi said, Erlang Shen’s frown deepens, “You don’t recognize anyone, but how can you not recognize me? I, Erlang Shen, am your old foe!”

The surrounding people were astonished. Eldest Senior Brother is Erlang Shen’s old foe? Just how awesome was he in the past!

“I no longer remember you.”

Liu Yi kneads his temple with his hand, “Right now, I am a Netherworld Sect’s disciple.”

Erlang Shen smiles, “No matter who you are, you will still be a treat to me! I didn’t expect that after sucking away all of your cultivation b, after 30 years, you actually recovered back to the standard of a Heaven Realm Expert! Liu Yi, you are indeed impressive. No wonder Chang’e fell in love with you!”

Everyone became even more astonished. What the hell! Fairy Chang’e actually likes Eldest Senior Brother?!

This, this is such a huge gossip!

“But it shall end here. I shall use your head as a betrothal gift to Fairy Chang’e!”

With that, Erlang Shen challenge Liu Yi, “Come, seeing that you are a trash, this lord shall let you attack first!”

Liu Yi did not decline and summons with his Netherworld Servant Technique and summons a hundred minotaurs who toss their flying axes at Erlang Shen!

“Gods, so many minotaurs!”

“Eldest Senior Brother is so impressive!”

When the Netherworld Sect disciples saw so many minotaurs being summoned at one go, they were astonished.

But Erlang Shen only sneers, “After not meeting for such a long time, you learned this unconventional magic. How disappointing!”

With that, he raps his spear on the ground, and instantly a shockwave spread out! When the flying axes crash into the shockwave, all of them disintegrated.

When the minotaurs were hit by the shockwaves, all of them instantly disappear.

Liu Yi summons out the Golden Armoured Ghost King to use its shield to block in front of him.

Liu Yi was sent flying away as Erlang Shen appears beside him and slap down his spear on him.

Liu Yi was instantly smashed into the ground, creating a deep hole in the courtyard!

“Erlang Shen…he, he is too powerful…”

The Netherworld Sect disciples are in despair, “Eldest Senior Brother is not his opponent.”

“You dare to come out and be arrogant with this little strength!”

Erlang Shen points his spear tip at Liu Yi, who was smashed into the ground, “The next move shall send you to hell.”

“Eldest Senior Brother! Let me assist you!”

Taking advantage when Erlang Shen’s pressure had weakened, Wang Ling suddenly leaps out holding a sword.


Duan Chou instantly got a huge shock while Erlang Shen snorts coldly. He then jabs out his spear at Wang Ming, who leaps over.

Enormous Immortal Qi flies over, and Wang Ming’s body was torn into pieces, and his body parts land all over the place.

“Third Senior Brother!”

“Wang Ming!”

Liu Yi, who had just climbed out of the hole, sees this scene, and his eyes turn red.

“Puny bug.” Erlang Shen says in disdain, “Killing you is dirtying my hands!”

“You…deserve death!”

Liu Yi’s gaze lands on Erlang Shen as he clenches his fists tightly.

Erlang Shen laughs loudly again, “Based on you? Even if you have a bellyful of hatred, what can you do?”

While Liu Yi’s hair is slowly turning silver bit by bit.

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Chapter 1123   [What can you do]

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