Pre-departure and on-board plane


Well like all trip pre-departure is a nightmare as we usually are trying to counter check the stuff we are bring.

For my case it is the same. When I wake up, I started checking and rearranging my luggage again.

In the afternoon, I went out with my sister to meet up with my mom for lunch. We had a buffet in Saibu Sai where we ate lots of meat(well mostly me).

Later on after the meal, we realize that we have slightly more than an hour before we need to leave our house and that is when I remember that I need to get a haircut and I don’t have a padlock for my luggage.

I separated from my family and rush to the barber to get a haircut when my mom called me and ask me to buy some Joss paper for her as it is the closing of the hell.

After getting my haircut I rushed to the shop and purchase the Joss paper and ran home under the rain(didn’t bother to grab an umbrela as I be bathing when I reached home).

When I reached home, I pass the Joss paper to my mom and went to bath. Coming out of the bath room, my mom ask me if I had bought the padlock for me and my sister. That is when I realize that I messed up. Thus I had to go to the shops again to buy the padlock. By the time I return home with the padlocks, I’m left with 10 minutes to freshen up. Which is actually more than enough.

In the airport, my sister and I grab some burgers from Burger King, but as I’m too full from my lunch, I only ate the fries.

My sister and I entered the departure late as we want more time with out family.


Departure and on board the plane

As we entered the departure hall late, we had to rush to our departure gate and was greeted by a large crowd of people queuing up to enter.

It takes us close to 30 minutes to get pass the metal detector check point. Which is the second time for me… I got stop by the guard when entering the departure hall for a random bag check >.<

Boarding the plane, I realize that I am sitting apart from my sister… bloody idiotic British Airway at Singapore ticket counter split us up despite us checking in at the same time and despite us checking in 3 hours early.

Luckily we are in the same row but her’s is at right side while mine is in the center. My sister ends up sitting in the middle of two guys while me, I ended up with a space clingy guy on my left and no one on my right.

Just before taking off, I right over to the right seat since I also prefer to have armrest to myself. Which I regret latter on when trying to sleep.

An hour into the flight, they start serving us dinner. Which is fish with potato, bread and butter and drinks. I grab a small bottle of white wine to go with the fish and some plain water but bleh, sadly the fish in served with tomato sause so didn’t like the combo.

During the meal, I turn on the screen to watch movies such as Baywatch, the mummy and so on. And a disaster strike. As I retract my hands after switching on the screen, I accidentally knocks over my cup of water and my seat and pants was soak. sadly since I cannot do anything about my pants, I places the spare pillow on the seat to prevent more of my pants from getting soak.

4 hours into watching the movies(I fast forward the boring parts), I start to get sleepy so I decided to lower the seat to sleep when I realize that the reason why there is no one beside me earlier because the seat is spoil…

Thus, I can only continue watching movie to waste time. 3 hours before the plane landed, the air stewardesses serve us breakfast. This time round we have a choice of sausage or potato. Since I prefer meat, I choose the sausage which is a piece of sausage with egg and some soft food(sadly I could not recall it). I had a cup of coffee to keep myself  awake as I had barely 2 hours of sleep.

When we left the plane, my sister and I got lost for a moment trying to figure out where are we suppose to go to get to the arrival hall of Hearthrow Airport. After getting our bearing, we went to the customs to clear our passport/get visa.

The queue was long as expected and took me er 30 minutes to get to the counter. Luckily I had already figure out how to get the free wifi way before reaching the queue. ^^

As predicted, I was questioned for nearly 5 minutes because I am staying in UK for such a long time. I though I will be detain for a moment when the security guard left his seat just when he return me my passport. Hehe it is actually him changing shift.

My sister got questioned for a while as well but as she is in UK for studies, she got cleared faster than me.

After clearing the customs, we went to collect our luggage and luckily there is no missing luggage.