MKW: chapter 903

Hi guys,

Alright for now, let’s roll with a daily MKW chapter. As for more daily chapters, eh…maybe after I complete the missing chapters of MKW which I do find it a bit annoying.

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Chapter 903

TL: SkyFuji


4 thoughts on “MKW: chapter 903

  1. OH! Daily nice! but be careful to not overwork yourself okay. but what about those missing chapter? do you mean like the one that you didn’t translate? and the character page while be awesome after all there a lot of character that you dont see often and other that been long seen we have see them so it hard to remember like the big sis hunter that i forgot the name.

    Finally Thank for the Chapter!


      • ah, so it is indeed those one, it could be nice, and i also have a question about that, there one chapter that i was lost i think it the one that you begin to take it at 201 the one where Liu Yi go to the pool with Lele and Murang Die, if i remember correctly the one before was something to do with Liu Yi escaping with Jade but right after there was this weird transition to the pool without much explaining it like there was a skip of chapter. I always wanted to ask if that was normal or there was indeed a few chapter that was skip because it feel like it did skip some, well i never asked because i was one that live in the shadow but now not too much in the shadow. but i am pretty sure there something wrong there. though now it a shame that so far it not so important but if you have a priority i would like to you to check this one out cause, i remember it pissed me off cause i feel like i miss something i nearly drop the novel there. i am indeed a little extreme when it come to story part missing -_-‘ and i pretty sure no one like that too. ( well in my case 1 chapter can cause the end, in the pass when i was into pokemon, i watch the whole series and there was 2 episode in black and white that was cancel because of a central explosion at that time, and it was also the moments i drop the series cause i couldn’t take it XD)

        Well that all i have to say, with a little rant from my pass experience, and if Fuji-sensei could comfirm my suspicion on it, i would be able to get rid of that nightmare than haunt me since that.

        Kindly, a MKW fans

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