MKW: chapter 897 – chapter 899

Hi guys,

Short intro today compared to yesterday. Anyways, the overseas arc is temporary over in part of today’s chapters so enjoy it.

Oh yeah forgot to mention yesterday that 1/3 of the commentators back then commented because of broken links hahaha. Back then I really do mess up on the links quite frequently when I just started on MKW.  [example] compare to the proper one below and you see the difference.  It’s either the above or the c turn into ‘w’ by accident

Do comment on the chapters as I do enjoy reading your comments.

Do @me on discord if there is any mistake in the chapter/broken link  or even talk to me

Link below/at the end of the chapter

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Chapter 897Chapter 898, Chapter 899

TL: SkyFuji


One thought on “MKW: chapter 897 – chapter 899

  1. Oh man i remember the links, when i was bing reading at the start i ran into them, a lot, i often just modified the url’s chapter number instead…. come to think of it did i post that the next buttons were broken? I dont think i did.


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