MKW: chapter 894 – chapter 896

Hi guys,

Long story short for the bad news, I am currently jobless.

Now onto the good news, we have two good news for this time around.

Firstly, we will be resuming daily updates starting from next Wednesday.

Second, I will be more active on discord so do chat with me. I will be checking most frequently at gtm+8, 3-6pm so do drop me messages (:

Next up I still owe you guys 4 chapters. Well 5 since its satarday now… Eh do read the the long namelist so that I have time to set up the pages since I want to post this long post before I accidentally loses it.

The next section is to two of my most frequent commenters who were around for quite sometime and one of the longest I had known that is still commenting even till now

Shout out to Hevensdragon, thank you for being one of the top few commenters (well for this year at least >.<). I do enjoy reading your comments.

And to RoriconKnight, thank you for being around since the beginning of me starting this translation. P.s yeah I check and you started commenting since 2017 when I started translating this novel

To the rest of the commenters below be it new or old, I hope all of you are enjoying the novel along with me and will stay till this novel is done. I be going from the first to comment when we all started till now

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I give up counting the numbers of commenters there are but to all of you, thank you for your words of encourgament by commenting on my work. Honestly I almost got a shock when I realise how much time I spend trawling thorough all of my comments…it took me almost 2 hours to do it…which is why this post is late by so long… (P.s, hopefully I did not  miss out anyone of those who commented on MKW)

Lots of love to top commenters who are now gone. I mean seriously…when they are active, within 100 comments, at least 70 came from them

After almost a year since the start of our journey, @?$=|\ no longer comments. Half a year later, Liu Yi da Mysterious became silent. Which is soon followed by sweed, Exfernal, jorgelotr, Alairion, Crywolf641, ImJustTesting, Procrastinatron, prio23.

Honestly it was my fault. All of them disappeared after my 3 month or so disappearance. Hope they would be back.

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Chapter 894Chapter 895, Chapter 896

TL: SkyFuji


8 thoughts on “MKW: chapter 894 – chapter 896

  1. Mom got the camera i am on FujiTranslation Word Press page! well more seriously, that quite sad about your job and that all my expansive vocabulary can go to express my sadness for you sorry… and it also kinda sad to lose all those frequent commenter well if there where still here i wont be there tho >_> i dont like crowding space both in real-life and comment section ( i know, i am weird ok). also for myself i don’t know when i start reading MKW, maybe close to a year? i don’t know, i feel like it was in summer i got the feeling it was hot when i start reading cause i think the novel start in summer or something too? at least the character said it was hot and i was feeling the same (a little role play here). though is sad that you lose your job i am quite happy to have a daily of MKW too… quite the mix feeling here, still i hope you find another job too.

    And also but nonetheless Thank for your hard work for the translation! We appreciate it and i am sure there a lot of people that live in the shadow that thing the same so i will also say it for them. Thank for you for your hard work! We hope you good health and all!

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  2. Oh wait what, didnt realize i was even that frequent a commentator. So as you probably noticed i didnt find this novle till you were a good ways in, i binged it over the course of a week or two and have been commenting since.

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  3. whoa, im noticed by skyfuji.

    dont be so hard on yourself. you might be dealing with irl problem or motivation issues when going silent. so, just do as you can do. take breaks when you need it. dont burn yourself.

    i myself only read your works freely and i am very grateful for it. i cant support you financilly yet except words of gratitude and encouragement.

    glad you are alright admist this pandemic. sometimes im worried whether translator getting trouble.. last time i read konjiki sword master from Anri-sama, she got silent for irl problem.. until now.. well, maybe she just caught admist demanding jobs and such. hopefully.

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  4. Impressive, I have been recognized 2 times xD, mortadelo filemon and 5ergio is me, what happens is that it is easier to start a session with Facebook and that is why I went from 5ergio to the name of my secondary Facebook account.
    and thanks for the chapters

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