MKW: chapter 888

Hi guys,

Okay, I had read the comments on the previous chapter, and I can say in good faith that this arc does not have much in terms of racism. Though there is a slight bit around 2/5 into today’s chapter.

On a side note, does anyone in USA know if there is a height limit to Washington? Oh and should it be called Washington DC instead? Please do correct me by commenting or leaving a message on my discord!

Anyways what a lucky chapter number today! 888!!! May all of you readers be blessed with fortune!!! Of course my editor KG as well as me (:

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Chapter 888

TL: SkyFuji


2 thoughts on “MKW: chapter 888

  1. Washington DC building hight limits. Residential 90ft business 110ft. So yeah no skyscrapers. Also absolutely use Washington DC, or even just DC. Washington is also the name of a state at the other end of the country. Now many will still think DC but a good number will stop and assess which is being talked about. Calling it DC should be clear to anyone in the states, but you may need to call it Washington DC for those not.
    Also thanks for addressing the authors racism.


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