MKW: update

Hi guys,

An update on MKW which I will make permanent.

Well first the bad news which some might not like. Due to me getting a new job, yes finally, I had decided to release three chapters of MKW weekly starting from next week onwards.

And now the good news is that there will be mini-mass release for today, tomorrow and the day after. Well why is that so? Because these chapters are the ones that I owned you guys during a few months of inactivity… which I owe wow 10 more chapters…rip me… well anyways if we add on tomorrow’s one, it will be 11…soo….
4-4-3? Welp lets go with that

Upcoming mini-mass release

7/12/2019: 4 chapters

8/12/2019: 4 chapters

9/12/2019: 3 chapters

And after which we go back to the posting schedules below

Posting Schedules

MKW: Three times a week, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday


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Talk to me on Discord or highlight any mistakes you have found or chat with me about anything if I’m online

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