MKW: chapter 789

Hi guys,

Enjoy the chapter. Do @me on discord if there is any mistake in the chapter or broken link

Link below/at the end of the chapter

Posting Schedules (For October)

MKW: Daily!!! (Guaranteed!!!) after all, I am currently behind by nearly 20+ chapters…

MCW: Nil


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Here is the MKW  chapter

TL: SkyFuji


2 thoughts on “MKW: chapter 789

    • Link isnt the problem..well kind of is, missing / at the end but more importantly the page itself doesn’t exist. Normaly when its just the link you can just go to a chapter and manually change the url’s chapter number, go for getting around the several next chapter buttons that send you to the wrong chapter. Now i did that here as well and just no luck, not sure why but novle updates always seems to know about the new chaper a few hours in advance, i think he creates the page and transltes the text on it as well as editing it all while keeping it locked. Then unlocks it when ready. So normally just wait a hour or two and it will be up, he may have just not finished or forgot to unlock it today.


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