Serious Note

Hi guys,

Yeah, this is a serious note for all my current readers as some of you have noticed I am increasing my posting by quite a bit. So as to not alarm you guys if my posting frequency drops back to the frequency of one chapter a day, I am writing this.

Currently, or rather a few days back I had left my part-time job. Which means I am currently unemployed. Basically, it is to take a risk, to try and see if I am able to do what I enjoy as well as survive with it.

So my plan for this quarter,  April to June, is to translate daily so please do support me in either my Patreon or Coffee Tips.

Now that we had gotten that serious topic out of the way it is time for a piece of good news for you guys. The posting schedules.

  1. Daily MKW chapters as usual
  2. 5 MCW chapters a week, Monday to Friday
  3. 3 MWMAH chapters a week(Temp) will also increase to 5 a week in the upcoming weeks

MCW Chapter MKW Chapter MWMAH Chapter

Now for MWMAH the number of chapters will and shall increase after I managed to get a decent stockpile for rainy days where I might be sick and the likes.

Next up Patreon, I know it is basically a sellout.

So for Patreon, there are 10 of each novel chapters in advance, can increase as the support increases. Oh just in case, it is 3 novels for the price of 1. So enjoy hehe

Yeah I know I am evil the chapters are in the center of this posting haha

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