MKW: chapter 613 and the new novel

Hi guys,

Last  chapter of the week, no old chapter as I am translating the new novels

As promised some new novels, I actually planned to do like 3-5 of them but…well as you guys know plans do fail and some that I wanted to translate are a bit too touch to translate or take too much time, for example ‘The simple life of killing demons’ …. well it is 2.5 times longer than MKW so yeah i will not be translating it…

But I did come up with 2 new novels, both from the author that all of us know, Night de Ram!!! Yeah he is the same author for my current novel MKW.

The two novels, one is an older novel that he had written, the other is his latest completed novel that was just finished last year.

Anyway you guys read the first chapter and decide which one you guys want

Novel 1                                 Novel 2

Posting Schedules

MKW: Daily ^^ – which I will do my best to accomplish as it is my new year goal ^^

Old MKW: Every 2 days or so

New Novel: Depending on how long I will need to translate it before deciding

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Talk to me on Discord or highlight any mistakes you have found or chat with me about anything if I’m online

Here is the MKW chapter for today 

Novel 1                                 Novel 2

TL: SkyFuji


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