MKW: chapter 254

Hi guys,

CNY is officially over yesterday!!! Weeee

So there will be a few changes.

Firstly which I believe most of you will like. Instead of 4 chapters a week, I will be posting……….DAILY from next week onwardssss and yes it means a chapter daily ^^

Secondly, I have some new years goals in Patreon which is based on the number of patron who joined me so check it out.

Thirdly well it is a brand new Patreon tier as well as increased in extra tiers chapters from the previous 4 to 10!!!


Okay enough of promoting my Patreon ^^


Today chapter let’s cheer for our adorable Lele who is so damn cute ^^

Cheers and see you guys next week

Posting Schedules

MKW: Daily ^^ – which I will do my best to accomplish as it is my new year goal ^^

Check out my Patreon for up to 4 chapters  10 chapters in advance and to support me if you are able to

P.s there are new goals for this year as well as a new tier ^^

Talk to me on Discord or highlight any mistakes you have found or chat with me about anything if I’m online

Here is the MKW chapter of the week

TL: SkyFuji



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