MKW: chapter 245

Hi guys,

Since today is the start of Chinese new year let me wish all of you a happy new year!!!

To all readers,

狗年吉祥 Gǒunián jíxiáng – Good luck for this Dog year

To all readers who are working,

工作顺利 Gōngzuò shùnlì – May your work go smoothly

事业有成 Shìyè yǒuchéng – Success in your career

平步青云 Píngbù qīngyún – Have a meteoric rise (usually to wish for promotions)

 升官发财 Shēngguān fācái – Win promotion and get rich
To all readers who are studying,
学业迳步Xuéyè jìng bù- Improve in your academic
Till next week guys and enjoy the ending ^^


Posting Schedules – will be updated weekly

MKW: 4+ per week – depending on when I manage to finish translating them >.<

Well it is Chinese new year and there are lots of celebration going on!!!!

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TL: SkyFuji



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