MKW: chapter 216

Hi guys,

Sorry for the late posting. As I was down with sickness I could not translate much.

Enjoy the chapter.

In case of error mention me in Discord and I will solve it when I wake up.

Night all

Posting Schedules

MKW: 1+ per week – every Thursday and ???(depending on how much free time I have)

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Brief Itinerary

Places left to visit(might not even be going, depending on how much time left)


France- Paris

Germany- Munich

Czech- Prague

Austria- Vienna and Salzburg

Switzerland- Interlaken

Italy- Venice, Rome, Florence

Places visited

UK- Oxford 2 days, Penzance 2 day, Edinburgh (Island of Skye- days) 5 days, Glasgow 2 days

Netherlands- Amsterdam 1 day, Delft half a day, Rotterdam half a day

Denmark- Copenhagen 2 days

Germany- Berlin 2 days

Poland- Warsaw and Krakow 4 days

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TL: SkyFuji



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