[S] RST: Chapter 55-60 (Dropped)

To all of my loyal Rebirth of the Super Thief reader, I thank all of you for your support throughout my 6 months translating this novel.

I have decided to drop the novel, as I feels that there is no point continuing to translate a novel that is dropped by the author.

Personally it is an exciting experience translating the novel and I am not that willing to dropped it, but i feel that it will be worst to suddenly stop translating as the author did not write anymore chapters.

I thank all of the readers for this 6 months as well as my two editor- Hercules and KG for their help.

Here are the final six chapters that I will be posting for Rebirth of the Super Thief

Chapter 55

Chapter 56

Chapter 57

Chapter 58

Chapter 59

Chapter 60

TL: SkyFuji

ED: Hercules, KG

One thought on “[S] RST: Chapter 55-60 (Dropped)

  1. it is sad to see it dropped. even though the author quit at 400+ it would be nice to see the translation at least catch up to the author. thanks for the chaps.


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