[S] MKW: chapter 204

Hi guys,

I am now in Bath, UK. Weeeeeee.

The flight was decent despite it being a 13+hours flight, had an annoying time trying to collect our tickets to get to Bath but luckily we decided to collect it at an earlier timing so all is good. Just time wasted.

The housing I rented is quite far away from the town so sadly it will be tough travelling around given I don’t have a car and the nearest bus stop is around 20 minutes away.

Well for those who wants to know more, I will be writing a log of this trip (Hopefully daily, we see.)

Chapter is below so enjoy

Posting Schedules

RST: one per week – Monday

MKW: one per week – Thursday (will be increased in late September hopefully)

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Talk to me on Discord or highlight any mistakes you have found or chat with me about my itinerary to Europe or recommendations for places to visit ^^ Check out the places I’m visiting below.

Brief Itinerary

UK- 3 months (In between traveling to Dublin, Ireland / Barcelona, Spain / Amsterdam/ Netherlands / Copenhagen, Denmark / Krakow, Poland / Edinburgh, Scotland / Reykjavik, Iceland)

France- Paris, Seville 3 days

Germany- Munich 3 days

Czech- Prague 3 days

Austria- Vienna and Salzburg 5 days

Switzerland- Interlaken 4 days

Italy- Venice, Rome, Florence 7 days

Here is the MKW chapter of the week

TL: SkyFuji

ED: Hercules, KG

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