RST: Chapter 49 and new novel Mai Kitsune Waifu

Oppies mix up my dates but yeah this is suppose to be for thursday which is tomorrow sorry >.<

Hi everyone,

For those that have not seen the previous post. I might be dropping Rebirth of the Super Thief as the author have stop writing as of last month at chapter 417. I will be checking on the novel and will give you guys an update during November.

Basically here are the options.


And I be continuing a dropped novel: Mai Kitsune Waifu (MKW)

Now although I be continuing MKW, I am still accept 1 more suggestion from you readers so let me know what you want to read

Do only suggest in novel suggestions section in the Discord

P.S. no qidian stories please and strictly chinese novels (I don’t know japanese or korean)

Please remember to vote before reading the chapter and yes you can ask me question on Discord and I will reply then I’m online ^^

Novels release schedules will be updated on next Monday, 4th September.

Check out my Patreon for more RST chapters (up to 5) and to support me if you are able to

P.S MKW chapters will be up soon

Talk to me on Discord or highlight any mistakes you have found or chat with me about my itinerary to Europe or recommendations for places to visit ^^

Here is the second RST chapter of the week

TL: SkyFuji

ED: Hercules is busy so today’s chapter is not edited yet (will be update when the chapter is edited)

And today’s MKW chapter.

TL: SkyFuji

ED: –

4 thoughts on “RST: Chapter 49 and new novel Mai Kitsune Waifu

  1. I got here since I was once a reader of MKW and voila! An update. Im not a master in grammar but I felt an encroaching headache just by reading this post, I hope you get a skilled editor for this project since Im really excited to read this again.

    I also recommend posting in NU or talking with RWX(WW), GGP(Gravity), Etvo(Volare) or other skilled translators for tips on naming and other techniques. A developing translator is always a great addition to the community


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